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19 Oct 2006
Talk on: Personhood and Suicidal Devotion to Cause: Kamikaze, Jihadist, Tiger

11 Jan 2007
Panel Discussion on: Progressive Muslim Movements: The Turkish Case

25 Jan 2007
Forum on: Religion and Violence: The Examples of Christianity and Islam

14 Feb 2007
Workshop on: Chinese Religions

23 Mar 2007
Workshop on : Religious syncretism and Everyday Life Religiosity

2 May 2007
Panel on Diasporic Religion: Buddhism between Asia and the Americas

8 May 2007
Workshop on Religion and the State in Asia

3 Nov 2007
Seminar on Islam and the Arts

4 Dec 2007
Building Brides Seminar: Perspectives on being human

20 Feb 2008
Belief in Law: Religious Identity and National Policy

19-20 Jun 2008
International Workshop on Buddhism and the Crisis of Nation-States in Asia

30 Jul 2008
The Reception of Biotechnology in the Islamic World

14-15 Aug 2008
Workshop on: New Directions in the Study of Material Religion

14-15 Aug 2008
Conference on: Sufi Movements in Contemporary Islam

18 Aug 2008
Talk on : The University Campus, Government Policy and Religious Identities: The Experiences of Muslim Students

12 Sep 2008
Neither Religious nor Secular: The British Situation and Some Wider Implications

17 Sep 2008
Talk on: Interrogating the Relationship Between the Religious and the Secular: Discourse, Space and the Sacred

7 Oct 2008
Talk on: Is Human Existence Biologically Inevitable?

7 Oct 2008
Talk on: Islam is not a culture: Shaping the Muslim self in diasporas

11 Oct 2008
Seminar on Islam and the Arts

16 Jan 2009
Graduate Student Seminar on "The City God Belief of the Song and Ming Dynasties: A Symbiosis between State and Religion"

19 Mar 2009
Talk on Religion, Ritual, and the Public Good in Chinese Societies

19 - 20 May 2009
Workshop on Religion and the State in Southeast Asia

21 Jan 2010
Graduate Student Workshop on Secularization, Religion and the State

26 Feb 2010
Talk on Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plains

13 May 2010
Talk on Mapping the Postsecular City - spaces, theory and practice

31 May 2010
Talk on The Sri Lankan Communities in Malaysia and Singapore: The Migration of People and Ideas across the Indian Ocean, 1860-1980

6 Oct 2010
Talk on Secular Society and the Cultural Visibility of Religion

28 Oct 2010
Seminar on Modern Malay Theatre, Religion and Culture in Singapore

16-18 Dec 2010
Workshop on Religious Studies in Asia

1 Feb 2011
RCGI Brown Bag Session on "The Surplus in the Sign :Modernity and Religion

21-22 Feb 2011
Workshop on Religious Travels in India

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Year 2008

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Year 2009

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