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Forecasting and Policy Research Unit of Department of Economics

The Econometric Studies Unit was established in 1981 with a private endowment from Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat, with the objective of undertaking applied research work in econometrics. The main activities of ESU at present include building and maintaining a large-scale macroeconometric model, forecasting, and policy research.

ESU Research
The ESU promotes research in theoretical and applied econometrics that are useful in forecasting and policy analyses. One primary task of ESU has been to construct and maintain a large-scale macroeconometric model. The ESU forecasts and policy simulations are generated from the ESU model. The policy issues that were analyzed using the ESU model in recent years include outlook for the property market, exchange rate policy, effect of the Jobs Credit scheme, and the goods and services tax.

From time to time the ESU conducts courses on econometric modeling and forecasting techniques for policy makers, bankers, researchers and financial analysts.