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Coordinator  : Assoc Prof Aditya Goenka
: Silcock Journal Room, AS2 06-23
Department of Economics, National University of Singapore
Time : 1 - 2 pm on Wednesdays
(Please free to bring your lunch to the meetings)
Objective : The workshop is a forum for people working in macro and money - broadly defined - to discuss their work-in-progress and bounce around ideas.

Semester II, 2006/2007

Date Speaker Title
7 Feb Liu Lin


Infectious diseases and chaos in growth models
- Joint work with Aditya Goenka
14 Feb Cheolbeom Park


The impact of oil price shocks on the US stock market
28 Feb Serene Tan


Labor Hoarding Contracts, Risk Sharing, and Coordination Frictions
7 March Mau-Ting Lin


Long-Run Non-neutrality Implication from Calvo Pricing
14 March Partha Chatterjee, NUS Business School
Democracy and Growth Volatility: Exploring the Links


21 March Huw Dixon Understanding inflation persistence: A comparison of different models
28 March Massimiliano Landi, S'pore Management University
Dynamics in Electoral Competition
4 April Zeng Jinli Patent protection vs. price regulation in an R&D growth model
11 April Nicolas Jacquet, S'pore Management University
Illiquid Housing, Portfolio Choice, and the Wealth Distribution
18 April Aekapol Chongvilaivan The Impact of Outsourcing Ability, FDI, and Technological Progress on the Employment across Skilled Groups in Non-Traded Sectors


28 June, Thu Tim Kam, ANU Optimal Unemployment Insurance with Limited Government Commitment and Heterogeneous Agents