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Fourth Asia Pacific Meeting of the
Economic Science Association 2008

incorporating a neuroeconomics symposium
National University of Singapore, 22-24 February 2008

Jointly organized by Department of Economics,
Institute for Mathematical Sciences,
and Department of Marketing
Sponsored by Institute for Mathematical Sciences,
Risk Management Institute,
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,
and NUS Business School

The 4th Asia Pacific Meeting of the Economic Science Association will be held on 22-24 February 2008 (APESA08) at the National University of Singapore (NUS).  A focus of APESA08 is neuroeconomics broadly defined, encompassing behavioral and experimental economics as well as incorporating methodologies from the biological sciences.  NUS is sponsoring a neuroeconomics symposium within APESA08 featuring a number of keynote speakers, including John Dickhaut, Ernst Fehr, Read Montague, and Drazen Prelec.   

The Economic Science Association ( was founded by Vernon Smith who was awarded the 2002 Nobel Prize for his pioneering contribution to experimental economics.  The organization of ESA’s Asia Pacific meetings promotes greater interest in laboratory based experimental research in economics and the social sciences in the Asia Pacific.  It is intended to precede the founding of an Asia Pacific Chapter of ESA with the accompanying benefit of having ESA’s world meeting in the Asia Pacific on a rotational, triennial basis.

The inaugural Asia Pacific Meeting was held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in January 2006.  This was followed by two meetings in 2007 – a February meeting in Osaka University and an August meeting in at the Shanghai Jiaotong University.  It is intended that future Asia Pacific Meetings be held annually in the spring, complementing the European and North American meetings which are generally held in the summer and the fall respectively.