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August 13 - 15, 2010

Session Organizers

Allen, Beth (University of Minnesota, USA;,Topics in Theory

Bag, Parimal (National University of Singapore, Singapore;, 1. Issues of Corruption and Crimes; 2. Mechanism Design, Social Choice and Voting

Bugarin, Mauricio Soares (Insper Institute, Brazil;, Applied Mechanism Design

Camera, Gabriele (Purdue University, USA;, Monetary Economics

Chen, Yi-Chun (National University of Singapore, Singapore; and Luo, Xiao (National University of Singapore, Singapore; , Epistemic Game Theory, Part I and Epistemic Game Theory, Part II

Chew, Soo Hong (National University of Singapore, Singapore;, Decision Theory

Chiu, Y. Stephen (Hong Kong University, Hong Kong;, Contract and Organization

Chun, YoungSub (Seoul National University, Korea; and Ju, Biung-Ghi (Korea University, Korea;,
Social Choice and Cooperative Game Theory

Cornet, Bernard (University of Paris I, France;, Topics in Economic Theory

Dong, Baoming (University of International Business and Economics, China;, Topics from Young Chinese Scholars

Friedenberg, Amanda (Arizona State University, USA;, Admissibility

Fu, Haifeng (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; and Yao, Shuntian (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore;, Game Theory and Decision Making I and Game Theory and Decision Making II

Fujiwara-Greve, Takako (Keio University, Japan;, 1. Frontiers of Repeated Games; 2. Evolution/ Learning in Games

Guo, Jang-Ting (University of California, Riverside, USA;, 1. Macroeconomic Dynamics I; 2. Macroeconomic Dynamics II; 3. Endogenous Business-Cycle and Economic-Growth Fluctuations

Hara, Chiaki (Kyoto University, Japan;, General Equilibrium and Asset Markets

Horner, Johannes (Yale University, USA;, Repeated Games

Kamihigashi, Takashi (Kobe University, Japan;, Dynamic Programming and Applications

Kaneko, Mamoru (University of Tsukuba, Japan;, Inductive Game Theory and Experiments

Khan, M. Ali (Johns Hopkins University, USA;, Mathematics of Perfect Competition

Kline, Jeffrey ((University of Queensland, Australia;, Advancements in the Foundations of Game Theory

Kojima, Fuhito (Stanford University, USA;, Matching and Market Design

Koo, Hyeng Keun (Ajou University, Korea; and Won, Dongchul (Ajou University, Korea;, Recent Issues in Mathematical Finance

Kovenock, Dan (The University of Iowa, USA;, Contests I and Contests II

Kubler, Felix (University of Zurich and Swiss Finance Institute, Switzerland;, Computational Aspects of Dynamic General Equilibrium

Le van, Cuong (Paris School of Economics, France;, Taxation, Environment, Endogenous Time Preference and Growth

Levine, David (Washington University in St. Louis, USA;, Intellectual Property: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Lu, Jingfeng (National University of Singapore, Singapore; and Ye, Lixin (Ohio State University, USA;, Auctions

Lugovskyy, Volodymyr (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA;, International Trade

Ma, Chenghu (Fudan University, China;, General Equilibrium Theory

Martins da Rocha, Victor Filipe (Getulio Vargas Foundation, Brazil;, Dynamic General Equilibrium

Mezzetti, Claudio (University of Warwick, UK;, Mechanism Design

Peng, Shin-Kun (Academia Sinica, Taiwan;, Agglomeration Economics and Product Differentiation

Podczeck, Konrad (University of Vienna, Austria;, Topics in Mathematical Economics

Prescott, Edward Simpson (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, USA;, Financial Stability

Puzzello, Daniela (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA;, Financial Markets and Asset Pricing

Quah, John (Oxford University, UK;, Compelementarities and Monotone Comparative Statics and Decisions and Welfare

Reffett, Kevin (Arizona State University, USA;, Monotone Methods for Dynamic Economies

Saijo, Tatsuyoshi (Osaka University, Japan;, Advancements in the Experimental Method

Sandroni, Alvaro (Northwestern University, USA;, Decisions and Welfare

Su, Che-Lin (University of  Chicago, USA;, Topics in Industrial Organization and Auctions

Vailakis, Yiannis (University of Exeter, UK;, Default and Collateral in Financial Markets

Villamil, Anne (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA and University of Manchester, UK;, Growth, Learning & Contracts

Wang, Ping (Washington University in St. Louis, USA;,1. Dynamic Macro Models with Distortions or Frictions; 2. Skill, Technology and Economic Growth; 3. Skill, Technology and International Development

Wright, Julian (National University of Singapore, Singapore;, Networks, Two-Sided Markets and Policy

Wu, Hou-mou (Peking University, China;, Heterogenous Beliefs and Economic Theory

Yang, Cheng-Chen (Academia Sinica, Taiwan;, Political Economy

Yannelis, Nicholas (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA and University of Manchester, UK;, Equilibrium with Asymmetric Information, Neuroeconomics

Yano, Makoto (Kyoto University, Japan;, Theoretical Aspects on Markets and their Quality

Yeh, Chun-Hsien (Academia Sinica, Taiwan;, Industrial Organization and Economic Theory

Zeng, Jinli (National University of Singapore, Singapore; and Zhang, Jie (National University of Singapore, Singapore;, Macroeconomic Dynamics and Policies


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