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2013 Asia Summer Institute in Behavioral Economics
Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society 2013
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The Department of Economics Seminars Series is usually held from Monday to Thursday, 4 - 5.30 pm.

All seminars are held at the Lim Tay Boh Seminar Room (AS2 03-12) unless otherwise mentioned. Upcoming seminars are subject to change.

If you are interested to present a seminar, please email Prof Lu Jingfeng.

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Semester 1, 2019/2020

7 Aug 19 The Unintended Impacts of Agricultural Fires on Human Capital: Evidence from China Joshua Graff Zivin
8 Aug 19 Loss Attitudes in the U.S. Population: Evidence from Dynamically Optimized Sequential Experimentation (DOSE) Erik Snowberg
15 Aug 19 Labor Rationing: A Revealed Preference Approach from Hiring Shocks Yogita Shamdasani
19 Aug 19 Audits as Evidence: Experiments, Ensembles, and Enforcement Patrick Kline
21 Aug 19 Optimal Auction Design with Common Values: An Informationally-Robust Approach Songzi Du
26 Aug 19 Multi-Step Perturbation Solution of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Stochastic Rational Expectations Models Peter Zadrozny

27 Aug 19

Improved Nonparametric Bootstrap Tests of Lorenz Dominance Brendan Beare
27 Aug 19 Money Mining and Price Dynamics Michael Choi
28 Aug 19 Decision making with indecisiveness Qiu Jianying
3 Sep 19 Product Cycle and Prices: Search Foundation Yuki Teranishi
4 Sep 19 Deferred Acceptance and Regret-free Truth-Telling Marcelo Fernandez
5 Sep 19 Behavioral Insights and Parental Decision-Making Ariel Kalil
17 Sep 19 Household Saving, Financial Constraints, and the Current Account in China Ayse Imrohoroglu
18 Sep 19 Listing specs: The effect of attribute orders on choice Simone Galperti

19 Sep 19

Labor Market Dynamics and the Migration Behavior of Married Couples Peter Rupert
19 Sep 19
When Student Incentives Don’t Work: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Malawi Bryant Kim