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The Department of Economics Seminars Series is usually held from Monday to Thursday, 4 - 5.30 pm.

All seminars are held at the Lim Tay Boh Seminar Room (AS2 03-12) unless otherwise mentioned. Upcoming seminars are subject to change.

Semester 2, 2019/2020

29 Jan 2020 Migration between platforms Andre Veiga, Imperial College
30 Jan 2020 Managing Intelligence: Skilled Experts and AI in Markets for Complex Products Jonathan Gruber, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
24 Feb 2020 Testing Stochastic Dominance with Many Conditioning Variables Myung Hwan Seo, Seoul National University
2 Mar 2020 The Boss is Watching: How Monitoring Decisions Hurt Black Workers Kevin Lang, Boston University
3 Mar 2020 TBA Hafedh Bouakez, HEC Montreal
4 Mar 2020 TBA Mark Armstrong, University of Oxford
5 Mar 2020 TBA Gary Richardson, University of California, Irvine
9 Mar 2020 (10:30am to 12noon) A New Parametrization of Correlation Matrices Peter Hansen, University of North Carolina
9 Mar 2020 TBA Dirk Krueger, University of Pennsylvania
10 Mar 2020 (2:30pm to 4pm) Structural Transformation, Industrial Specialization, and Endogenous Growth Joan Monras, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
10 Mar 2020 TBA Katalin Springel, Georgetown University
12 Mar 2020 TBA Juanjuan Meng, Peking University
17 Mar 2020 TBA Cathy Zhang, Purdue University
18 Mar 2020 (3:00om-4:15pm, SJR) TBA Jose Apesteguia, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
18 Mar 2020 (4:15pm- 5:30pm, SJR) Intuitive Beliefs Jawwad Noor, Boston University
18 Mar 2020 TBA Marc Muendler, University of California, San Diego
19 Mar 2020 TBA Scott Taylor, University of Calgary
20 Mar 2020 TBA Anujit Chakraborty, University of California, Davis
23 Mar 2020 (10:30am to 12noon) TBA Jinhui Bai, Washington State University
23 Mar 2020 TBA Christian Matthes, Indiana University
24 Mar 2020 Securitized debt and liquidity Fabrizio Mattesini, University of Rome
25 Mar 2020 Range Utility Theory for Risk and Time Baucells, Manel, University of Virginia
26 Mar 2020 TBA Fali Huang, SMU
30 Mar 2020 Structural Change and Deindustrialization in an Open Economy Kei-Mu Yi, U Houston
31 Mar 2020 TBA Jason Faberman, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO