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The Department of Economics Seminars Series is usually held from Monday to Thursday, 4 - 5.30 pm.

All seminars are held at the Lim Tay Boh Seminar Room (AS2 03-12) unless otherwise mentioned. Upcoming seminars are subject to change.

Semester 1, 2019/2020

7 Aug 19 The Unintended Impacts of Agricultural Fires on Human Capital: Evidence from China Joshua Graff Zivin, University of California, San Diego
8 Aug 19 Loss Attitudes in the U.S. Population: Evidence from Dynamically Optimized Sequential Experimentation (DOSE) Erik Snowberg, California Institute of Technology
15 Aug 19 Labor Rationing: A Revealed Preference Approach from Hiring Shocks Yogita Shamdasani, University of Pittsburgh
19 Aug 19 Audits as Evidence: Experiments, Ensembles, and Enforcement Patrick Kline, University of California, Berkeley
21 Aug 19 Optimal Auction Design with Common Values: An Informationally-Robust Approach Songzi Du, University of Calfornia, San Diego
26 Aug 19 Multi-Step Perturbation Solution of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Stochastic Rational Expectations Models Peter Zadrozny, Bureau of Labor Statistics

27 Aug 19

Improved Nonparametric Bootstrap Tests of Lorenz Dominance Brendan Beare, University of California, San Diego
27 Aug 19 Money Mining and Price Dynamics Michael Choi, University of California, Irvine
28 Aug 19 Decision making with indecisiveness Qiu Jianying, Radboud University
3 Sep 19 Product Cycle and Prices: Search Foundation Yuki Teranishi, Keio University
4 Sep 19 Deferred Acceptance and Regret-free Truth-Telling Marcelo Ariel Fernandez, John Hopkins University
5 Sep 19 Behavioral Insights and Parental Decision-Making Ariel Kalil, University of Chicago
17 Sep 19 Rising Wealth Inequality: Intergenerational Links, Entrepreneurship, and the Decline in Interest Rate Ayse Imrohoroglu, University of Southern California

19 Sep 19

Labor Market Dynamics and the Migration Behavior of Married Couples Peter Rupert, University of California, Santa Barbara
19 Sep 19
When Student Incentives Don�t Work: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Malawi Bryant Kim, Cornell University
26 Sep 19
Reducing Discrimination in the Field: Evidence from an Awareness Raising Intervention Targeting Gender Biases in Student Evaluations of Teaching Anne Boring, Erasmus University
1 Oct 19
Competition, Paternity Leave and Career Advancement Hyejin Ku, University College London
2 Oct 19
Knowledge Spillover and Individual Careers Christian Dustmann, University College London
2 Oct 19
Coordinating with Endogenous Timing: Theory and Experiment Zhen Zhou, Tsinghua University
3 Oct 19
Measuring the Benefits of Ride-Haling Services to Urban Travelers: The Case of the San Francisco Bay Area Clifford Winston, Brookings Institutions
7 Oct 19
Identification robust testing of risk premia in finite samples Frank Kleibergen, University of Amsterdan
8 Oct 19
Progressivity and Development Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis, University of Barcelona
10 Oct 19
Escalation of Scrutiny: The Gains from Dynamic Enforcement of Environmental Regulations Ashley Langer, University of Arizona
15 Oct 19
Credible Forward Guidance Takeki Sunakawa, Kobe University
16 Oct 19
Negativity on the News: Supply and Demand Guangyin Pei, Chinese University of Hong Kong
17 Oct 19
How patients with mental disorders respond to complex health insurance cost-sharing design Yuting Zhang, University of Melbourne
22 Oct 19
Banks funding, leverage, and investment Vincenzo Quadrini, University of Southern California
23 Oct 19
Detecting Identification Failure in Moment Condition Models Jean-Jacques Forneron, Boston University
23 Oct 19
Non-competing Data Intermediaries Shota Ichihashi, Bank of Canada
24 Oct 19
Assortative mating and inequality Jonas Vlachos, Stockholm University
31 Oct 19
The power of moral suasion: The case of electricity conservation in post-Fukushima Japan Daiji Kawaguichi, University of Tokyo
5 Nov 19
Welfare Multiplier of Public Investment Juha Tervala, University of Helsinki
7 Nov 19
Does Insurance for Treatment Crowd Out Prevention? Evidence from Diabetics' Insulin Usage Daniel Kaliski, University of Oxford
12 Nov 19
Search Complementarities, Aggregate Fluctuations, and Fiscal Policy Francesco Zanetti, University of Oxford
13 Nov 19
Timely Persuasion Deepal Basak, Indian School of Business
14 Nov 19
Elites and Ideology: How Imperial China was Lost James Kung, University of Hong Kong
18 Nov 19
Do Any economists have superior forecasting skills Allan Timmermann, University of California, San Diego
20 Nov 19
Counterfactual Sensitivity and Robustness Timothy Christensen, New York University
20 Nov 19 Rules, Mutation and Selection: Evolving Efficiency and Egalitarianism Hamid Sabourian, University of Cambridge
21 Nov 19
Reform, Rails, and Rice: Thailand’s Political Railroads and Economic Development in the 20th Century Jessica Vechbanyongratana, Chulalongkorn University
25 Nov 19
Skill and Value Creation in the Mutual Fund Industry Olivier Scaillet, Universite de Geneve
26 Nov 19
Financing Multinationals Jingting Fan, Pennsylvania State University
27 Nov 19
The Multiple Priors of the Open-Minded Decision Maker Maxwell Stinchcombe, UT Austin
28 Nov 19
Migrants and Firms: Evidence from China Zhang Yifan, Chinese University of Hong Kong
3 Dec 19
International Linkages and the Changing Nature of International Business Cycles Wataru Miyamoto, University of Hong Kong
4 Dec 19
05 Dec 19
The Demographic Consequences of Sex-Selection Technology Juan Pantano, University of Arizona
10 Dec 19
Social Media and Polarization Yves Zenou, Monash University
10 Dec 19
Gradual Bargaining in Decentralized Asset Markets Guillaume Rocheteau, University of California, Irvine
11 Dec 19
Attending Kindergarten Improves Cognitive But Not Socio-emotional Development in India Seema Jayachandran, Northwestern University
12 Dec 19
The Effects of Weather on Recreational Fishing Demand and Adaptation: Implications for a Changing Climate Roger von Haefen, North Carolina State University
13 Dec 19
How well does the gravity equation describe commuting flows? Jonathan Dingel, University of Chicago
17 Dec 19
Default Risk and Aggregate Fluctuations in an Economy with Production Heterogeneity Aubhik Khan, Ohio State University
19 Dec 19
TTeacher Effectiveness in Africa: Longitudinal and Causal Estimates Jeffrey Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison