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Semester I, 2008/2009

9 Dec 08, Tue The Fragmentation of Reputation Gautam Bose,
University of New South Wales
4 Dec 08, Thu

Laying off Credit Risk: Loan Sales versus Credit Default Swaps

- Joint Economics and RMI Seminar

Christine Parlour,
University of California, Berkeley
2 Dec 08, Tue A Nonparametric Approach to Cournot Modelling John Quah,
Oxford University
27 Nov 08, Thu Measuring the Impact of Entry: The Case of Mobile Telephony Pedro Pereira,
Portuguese Competition Authority
13 Nov 08, Thu Fines, Leniency, Rewards and Organized Crime: Evidence from Antitrust Experiments Chloé Le Coq,
Stockholm School of Economics
11 Nov 08, Tue An Inflated Ordered Probit Model of Monetary Policy: Evidence from MPC Voting Data

Mark Harris,
Monash University

6 Nov 08, Thu Directed Search, Unemployment, and Public Policy Ian King,
University of Melbourne
4 Nov 08, Tue The Transition from Relational to Legal Contract Enforcement Fali Huang,
Singapore Management University
30 Oct 08, Thu Revolving Doors: Signaling and Reputation Seung Han Yoo,
National University of Singapore
23 Oct 08, Thu Euler-Equation Estimation for Discrete Choice Models: A Capital Accumulation Application Russell Cooper,
National University of Singapore & University of Texas at Austin
21 Oct 08, Tue Intergenerational Long Term Effects of Preschool - Estimates from a Structural Dynamic Programming Model Lakshmi K. Raut,
Social Security Administration
16 Oct 08, Thu On Choice in a Complex Environment Murali K. Agastya,
National University of Singapore & University of Sydney
25 Sep 08, Thu Equivalence of several methods for decomposing time series into permanent and transitory components Don Harding,
La Trobe University
23 Sep 08, Tue Risk Aversion and Endogenous Credit Cycles in a Small Open Economy George Vachadze,
Bielefeld University
18 Sep 08, Thu Let the Punishment Fit the Crime: Enforcement with Error Indranil Chakraborty,
National University of Singapore
11 Sep 08, Thu

Estimation of Conditional Moment Restrictions without Assuming Parameter Identifiability in the Implied Unconditional Moments

- Joint Economics and RMI Seminar

Chung-Ming Kuan,
Academia Sinica
4 Sep 08, Thu On Choice of Technique and Development Planning: Optimal and Stiglitz Policies in the RSS Model M. Ali Khan,
Visiting Goh Keng Swee Professor, NUS and Abram Hutzler Professor of Economics, Johns Hopkins University
2 Sep 08, Tue Endogenous Inequality of Nations Through Asset Market Integration George Vachadze,
Bielefeld University

21 & 28 Aug 08, Thu / 4 - 6 pm

Short Course on Comparative Statics and Comparative Information John Quah,
Visiting Goh Keng Swee Professor, NUS and Professor, Oxford University
8 Aug 08, FRI On the Inefficiency of Pay-As-You-Go Pension Systems in Stochastic Economies with Assets Volker Böhm,
Bielefeld University