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Semester II, 2008/2009

09 Jun 09, Tue Fertility and mortality changes in an overlapping-generations
model with realistic demography

Sau-Him Paul Lau
University of Hong Kong

04 Jun 09, Thu Information Gatekeepers:
Theory and Experimental Evidence
Juan D. Carrillo
University of Southern California
and CEPR
02 Jun 09, Tue From Perception to Action:
An Economic Model of Brain Processes
Isabelle Brocas,
University of Southern California
and CEPR
23 Apr 09, Thu Equality of Opportunity and Luck: Definitions and Testable Conditions with an Application to Income in France Alain Trannoy,
EHESS, France
21 Apr 09, Tue Strategic Nonlinear Income Tax Competition with Perfect Labor Mobility John A. Weymark, Vanderbilt University
14 Apr 09, Tue The Assignment of Durable Objects to Overlapping Generations of Agents: Optimality and Incentives

Francis Bloch,
Ecole Polytechnique

26 Mar 09, Thu Reference-Dependent Consumption Plans Botond Koszegi, University of California, Berkeley
24 Mar 09, Tue Bubble Cycles Masaya Sakuragawa, Keio University
17 Mar 09, Tue Robust Networks Sanjeev Goyal, University of Cambridge
12 Mar 09, Thu Do Social Networks Solve Information Problems for Peer-to-Peer Lending? Evidence from Ginger Zhe Jin, University of Maryland
5 Mar 09, Thu Equilibrium in Continuous-Time Financial Markets: Endogenously Dynamically Complete Markets

- Joint Economics and RMI Seminar

Robert M. Anderson, University of California, Berkeley
26 Feb 09, Thu Sunspot Equilibria in a Production Economy: Do Rational Animal Spirits Cause Overproduction? Atsushi Kajii,
Kyoto University
24 Feb 09, Tue Structural Estimation of Search Intensity: Do Non-Employed Workers Search Hard Enough? Pieter Gautier,
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
29 Jan 09, Thu In-Sample and Out-of-Sample Fit: Their Joint Distribution and its Implications for Model Selection

- Joint Economics and RMI Seminar

Peter Reinhard Hansen,
Stanford University

22 Jan 09, Thu Tax and Migration Competition when Highly Skilled Vote with their Feet: Strategic Investment in Culture Laurent Simula,
National University of Singapore
15 Jan 09, Thu Robust Virtual Implementation with Incomplete Information: Towards a Reinterpretation of the Wilson Doctrine Roberto Serrano,
Brown University
8 Jan 09, Thu Competition for Attention in the Information (Overload) Age

Simon P. Anderson, University of Virginia