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Semester I, 2009/2010

28 Jul 09, Tue

Dynamics of Asset Prices in the CAPM  under Autoregressive Forecasting and Noise

Volker Böhm
Bielefeld University
30 Jul 09, Thu Trophy-Seeking Preferences Trigger Male Generosity Daniel Houser
George Mason University
03 Aug 09, Mon The Importance of Being Wanted

Quy-Toan Do
World Bank

04 Aug 09, Tue Tangible Assets, Capital Mobility, and Endogenous Fluctuations George Vachadze
Bielefeld University
13 Aug 09, Thu

World Trade Shares, the Rise of Emerging Countries and Inequality

- Joint Economics and Business Policy Seminar

Ai-Ting Goh
HEC School of Management
20 Aug 09, Thu

Strategic discontinuity in simple and complicated games

Yi-Chun Chen
National University of Singapore
25 Aug 09, Tue Total Factor Productivity Growth and Convergence in Petroleum Industry:
An Empirical Analysis Testing for Non-Convexity
Shunsuke Managi
Yokohama National University
27 Aug 09, Thu The Competitive Saving Motive:
Evidence From Rising Sex Ratios And Savings Rates In China
Shang-Jin Wei
Columbia University
31 Aug 09, Mon

A matter of interpretation: bargaining over ambiguous contracts

John Quiggin
University of Queensland
01 Sep 09, Tue Hot and Cold Seasons in the Housing Market Rachel Ngai
London School of Economics
10 Sep 09, Thu

How Important is Labor Market Signaling? New Evidence from High School Exit Exams

Damon Clark
University of Florida
15 Sep 09, Tue The Establishment-Level Behavior of Vacancies and Hiring Steven J. Davis
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
17 Sep 09, Thu

Preferences and Equilibrium in Monopoly and Duopoly

Yongmin Chen
University of Colorado at Boulder
29 Sep 09, Tue Policy Making with Reputation Concerns

Fu Qiang
National University of Singapore

13 Oct 09, Tue Government Purchases over the Business Cycle Jinhui Bai
Georgetown University
22 Oct 09, Thu Labor Market Search in Emerging Economies C. Bora Durdu
Federal Reserve Board
05 Nov 09, Thu Transformations of the state variable and learning dynamics Shurojit Chatterji
Singapore Management University
19 Nov 09, Thu Sequential Estimation of Dynamic Programming Models Hiroyuki Kasahara
University of Western Ontario
24 Nov 09, Tue Heterogeneity in Returns to Work Experience: A Dynamic Model of Female Labor Force Participation Ken Yamada
Singapore Management University
01 Dec 09, Tue

Constrained Inefficiency and Optimal Taxation under Uninsurable Risks

Atsushi Kajii
Kyoto University

04 Dec 09, Fri

Christian Gollier
University of Toulouse and LERNA

07 Dec 09, Mon

Contingent Prices, Money and In‡ation

Richard Dutu
Deakin University