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Semester II, 2009/2010

12 Jan,
Advising on Alternatives: Pandering to Persuade Navin Kartik
Columbia University
21 Jan,
Resolving the 'Revenue Puzzle' for Jump Bidding in English Auctions Siyang Xiong
Rice University
28 Jan,
A Two-sector Model of Endogenous Growth with Leisure Externalities Been-Lon Chen
Academia Sinica
04 Feb,
Unobserved Binary Random Factors and Returns to Lying Arthur Lewbel
Boston College
18 Feb, Thu Herding and Contrarian Behavior
in Financial Markets
Hamid Sabourian
University of Cambridge
19 Feb, Fri Financial Integration and Liquidity Crises Fabio Castiglionesi
Tilburg University
23 Feb,
On the Strategic Impact of an Event under Non-Common Priors Oyama Daisuke
Hitotsubashi University
8 Mar, Mon Buyer groups, buyer power and outsiders Stephen King
Monash University
9 Mar, Tue Economic Growth and Public Expenditure Composition in Developing Countries Tatsuyoshi Miyakoshi
Osaka University
18 Mar, Thu From Great Depression to Great Credit Crisis: Similarities, Differences and Lessons Barry Eichengreen
MAS Term Professor in Economics and Finance, NUS & Professor, University of California, Berkeley
25 Mar, Thu Stationary equilibrium distributions in economies with limited commitment Tobias Broer
Stockholm University
30 Mar,
Efficient Search on the Job and the Business Cycle Shouyong Shi
University of Toronto
15 Apr, Thu Dynamic Voting Patterns on the MPC Michael McMahon
University of Warwick
20 Apr,
Transparency, Complementarity and Holdout Prabal Roy Chowdhury
Indian Statistical Institute
06 May,
Asymptotic Variance Estimation using Finite Difference Formulas Han Hong
Stanford University
18 Jun, Fri Corporate Liquidity Management and Future Investment Expenditures Christopher F. Baum