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Topic: The Effect of Participation in Protestant Christian Program on Religious Attitudes and Practice and Psychosocial and Economic Outcomes: Experimental Evidence from the Philippines


Dean Karlan
Yale University

Date: Jul 4, Mon

Time: 4 - 5:30 pm

Venue: Lim Tay Boh Seminar Room (AS2 03-12)
National University of Singapore
1 Arts Link, Singapore 117570

Chair: Song Chang Cheng


We conducted a clustered randomized trial with four arms: a secular program (health training and services, livelihood training, and savings groups), a Protestant Christian curriculum and group meeting led by a local pastor, both, and a control group. All groups except the control group also received food supplements. We measure the impact on religious beliefs, attitudes and activities, as well as a full suite of psychosocial and socioeconomic outcomes.