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16-17 August, 2007
AS 7, Seminar Room A-B-C, Level 1
National University of Singapore

The First Singapore Economic Theory Workshop(SET2007) is being organized by the Department of Economics at the National University of Singapore. It will take place on 16-17 August, 2007, in the NUS campus.

The workshop is part of our effort to bring Singapore to the forefront of research activities in economic theory. It will allow participants to present and be informed about the latest developments in economic theory ¨C broadly defined.

John Ledyard (Caltech) and Stephen Morris (Princeton) will be the two plenary speakers at the SET workshop.

The invited speakers include Jeff Ely (Northwestern), Akihiko Matsui (Tokyo), Wing Suen (Hong Kong) and Rabee Tourky (Queensland).

This year, SET2007 will be followed on 18-19 August by the Fourth Asian General Equilibrium Theory Workshop (GETA2007) being organized by the Department of Economics, NUS. We expect some overlap of interest, and we invite participants to plan to attend both the workshops.

There are no registration fees and some limited financial support may be available.