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EC6770 Graduate Research Seminar
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GRS is a 4-MC module (100% CA) marked on Satisfactory (S) / Unsatisfactory (U) basis.

Requirements on seminar attendance every semester until completion of this module:

Department seminars or seminars given by students: 12     

Students must attend all the lectures given on research methods and research ethics. In addition, students are expected to attend various special talks and lectures organized by the Department.

PhD students must make 2 presentations (1 for Masters) based on their thesis research. It is expected that these will be based on on-going work for the chapters of the thesis.

- The first presentation will be of at least 30 to 45 minutes, and will typically be based on on-going work on the first chapter of the dissertation.

- The second presentation will be of a completed chapter of the dissertation. Students will be expected to make a presentation of at least 1 hour.

- A panel of at least 3 staff members will be present at the seminar presentations.


To provide a forum for graduate students to share their research and to develop critical thinking and communication skills.

Registration for EC6770

Research students must register for this module in the third semester. At the end of this and subsequent semesters, the grade will be recorded as IP; i.e., in progress (unless the student is not participating in seminars when he/she will have deemed to have failed the course) until the requirements have been completed.

Completion Date for GRS

  • Master of Social Sciences (by research) - by end of 4th semester
  • PhD - by end of 6th semester

    Changes to EC6770 Graduate Research Seminar (GRS) module:

    Starting from AY2013/2014, the department will assign a supervisor for EC6770 GRS. In addition to attending 8 seminars per semester, students are required to attend the lectures given by the GRS supervisor on writing well in economics. To receive a satisfactory mark for the GRS, each student needs to write at least one satisfactory report on an assigned seminar paper presented at the departmental seminar. The topic will be chosen by the GRS supervisor. If a student fails to write a satisfactory report, he/she will be given another topic until the supervisor is satisfied with the quality of the report. Students must obtain satisfactory grade for the report before they can take the part b component of the PhD Qualifying Examination – i.e. in-class writing test.

    Thesis Pre-submission Seminar (PhD students only)

    PhD students will be expected to give a thesis pre-submission seminar where at least 5 staff members attend the seminar. This will typically be given by the student when he/she is ready to submit the thesis. This is decoupled from the presentation requirements for EC6770. Thus, PhD students are required to give 3 seminar presentations during the course of the programme.