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Goh Keng Swee PhD Scholarship in Economics
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Starting from AY2013/2014, the department will award the Goh Keng Swee Ph.D Scholarship (valued at $40,000) to the top Ph.D student who has completed four years of the PhD programme and who intends to spend a fifth year in the programme. The Scholarship will be disbursed in the fifth year of candidature. It will pay for tuition fees for the 5th year, and the balance will be disbursed in two equal lump sums in August and January of that academic year.

Students who are currently at the 4th year are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. To be considered for the scholarship, the candidates need to satisfy the following conditions:


1. Receive a nomination from their supervisor;

2. Submit their research work, including at least one completed thesis chapter;

3. Submit a report of the academic activities they intend to pursue during their fifth year;

4. Present a chapter from their thesis in a Graduate Research Seminar, Department Seminar or Reading Group during their fourth year of studies. At least one member of the SSC must attend their presentation.