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Modules Offered for AY 2019/2020

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Modules Offered - Level 5000 for AY 2019/2020

Semester I Lecturers
Semester II Lecturers
EC5101 / EC5101R Microeconomic Theory John Quah (1st half) /
Lou Xiao (2nd half)
EC5102 / EC5102R Macroeconomic Theory ZHANG Jie NOT OFFERED
EC5103 / EC5103R Econometric Modelling and Applications I SEO Juwon NOT OFFERED
EC5104 / EC5104R Mathematical Economics Satoru TAKAHASHI NOT OFFERED
EC5322 / EC5322R Industrial Organisation ZHOU Junjie NOT OFFERED
EC5326 /
Policy Impact Evaluation Methods Nina GUYON NOT OFFERED
EC5342 / EC5342R International Trade NOT OFFERED Chen LIU
EC5361 /
Labour Economics Hui Ren TAN NOT OFFERED
ECA5101 Microeconomics ZHANG Yang NOT OFFERED
ECA5102 Macroeconomics HUANG Kui Angela NOT OFFERED
ECA5103 Quantitative and Computing Methods Eric FESSELMEYER /
LIU Haoming
ECA5304 Machine Learning and Economic Forecasting NOT OFFERED Jacek LEWKOWICZ
ECA5305 Programming for Economists VU Thanh Hai NOT OFFERED
ECA5315 Financial Econometrics NOT OFFERED CHUA Yeow Hwee
ECA5325 Project & Policy Evaluation NOT OFFERED Vu Thanh Hai
ECA5333 Financial Markets & Portfolio Management LEE Hon Sing LEE Hon Sing
ECA5334 Corporate Finance Ruth TAN Seow Kuan Ruth TAN Seow Kuan
ECA5335 Derivative Securities LEE Hon Sing NOT OFFERED
ECA5337 Applied Financial Economics NOT OFFERED KO Chiu-Yu
ECA5351 Public Finance NOT OFFERED ONG Ee Cheng
ECA5371 Economic Growth and Development Teofila DAQUILA NOT OFFERED
ECA5372 Big Data Analytics and Technologies NOT OFFERED Yeo Wee Kiang
ECA5373 The Singapore Economy NOT OFFERED Chia Ngee Choon
ECA5375 Economic Growth in East Asia SHIN Jang-Sup NOT OFFERED
ECA5376 Auctions and Market Design Indranil CHAKRABORTY NOT OFFERED
ECA5381 Urban Economics NOT OFFERED LIAO Wen-Chi
ECA5396 Economics of Business and Law of Intellectual Assets NOT OFFERED CHENG Yu-Chao, Jack
ECA5880 Topics in Applied Economics NOT OFFERED NOT OFFERED
ECA5884 Applied Behavioral Economics NOT OFFERED ZHANG Jianlin


Modules Offered - Level 6000 for AY 2019/2020

Semester I Lecturers
Semester II Lecturers
EC6101 Advanced Microeconomic Theory NOT OFFERED LUO Xiao (1st half)/
John QUAH (2nd half)
EC6102 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory NOT OFFERED Jordan ROULLEAU-PASDELOUP
EC6103 Econometric Modelling and Applications II NOT OFFERED Gregory COX
EC6104 Advanced Mathematical Economics NOT OFFERED CHEN Yi-Chun/
QIAO Yongchuan
EC6770 Graduate Research Seminar Basant KAPUR Basant KAPUR
EC6883 Advanced Topics in Applied Economics NOT OFFERED Panle JIA
EC6884 Behavioural and Experimental Economics NOT OFFERED CHEW Soo Hong

 EC5xxxR: Open to Honours Students


Modules Offered - Special Term for AY 2019/2020

Special-Term Part 1
(11 May to 20 Jun 2020)
Special-Term Part 2
(22 Jun to 1 Aug 2020)
ECA5313 Topics in Econometrics LIU Haoming NOT OFFERED
ECA5881 Topics in Economic Policy ZENG Jinli NOT OFFERED
EC5386/EC5386R Issues in Port Economics NOT OFFERED Photis PANAYIDES
ECA5335 Derivative Securities NOT OFFERED LEE Hon Sing





TBC - To Be Confirmed


General Note

Not all modules are necessarily available in any one semester. The above information is subject to changes.