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HO Teck Hua
Title: Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Professor
Email: dprhoth Office: UHL 05-02
Tel: 6601 2111 Fax: -
Degree: PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Homepage: -
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Teaching Areas:

Research Areas:
Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Quantitative Marketing Models, Marketing and Production Iinterfaces

Selected Publications:
“Violations of the Betweenness Axiom and Nonlinearity in Probability” (with C. Camerer), Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 8 (1994), 167-196.

“Task Complexity, Equilibrium Selection, and Learning: An Experimental Study” (with K. Weigelt), Management Science 42 (1996), 659-679.

“Iterated Dominance and Iterated Best-Response in Experimental p-Beauty Contests” (with C. Camerer and K. Weigelt), American Economic Review 88 (1998), 947-969.

“Experience-weighted Attraction Learning in Normal-form Games” (with C. Camerer), Econometrica 67 (1999), 837-874.

“Sophisticated Learning and Strategic Teaching” (with C. Camerer and J.K. Chong), Journal of Economic Theory 104 (2002), 137-188.

“A Cognitive Hierarchy Theory of One-Shot Games” (with C. Camerer and J.K. Chong), Quarterly Journal of Economics 119 (2004), 861-898.

“A Learning-based Model of Repeated Games with Incomplete Information” (with C. Camerer and J.K. Chong), Games and Economic Behavior 55 (2006), 340-371.

“Self-tuning Experience-Weighted Attraction Learning in Games” (with C. Camerer and J.K. Chong), Journal of Economic Theory 133 (2007), 177-198.

“Individual Differences in the EWA Learning with Partial Payoff Information” (with C. Camerer and X. Wang), Economic Journal 118 (2008), 37-59.

“Peer-induced Fairness in Games” (with X. Su), American Economic Review 99 (2009), 2022-2049.