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Title: Associate Professor
Email: ecsadity Office: AS2 06-04
Tel: 6516 3961 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, Cornell University
CV: \people\CV\ecsadity.pdf

Teaching Areas:

Monetary Economics
Mathematical Economics
Corporate Finance

Research Areas:

Macroeconomics (Economic Growth and Endogenous Fluctuations)
Economic Theory (General Equilibrium Theory & Sunspot Equilibrium)
Monetary Economics
Environment and Natural Resources

Selected Publications:
  1. "Relative risk aversion and the transmission of financial crises," (Joint with Melisso Boschi),  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 36(1), 85-99, 2012.

    "Existence of competitive equilibrium in an optimal growth model with heterogeneous agents and endogenous leisure'' (Joint with Cuong Le Van and Manh-Hung Nguyen), Macroeconomic Dynamics, 16(S1), 33-51, 2012.

    "Infectious diseases and economic fluctuations,'' (Joint with Lin Liu)  Economic Theory, 50(1), 125-149, 2012. 

    "Moneylenders to microfinance: Southeast Asia's credit revolution in institutional, economic and cultural perspective,'' (Edited Joint with D. Henley) Routledge Press, 2009.

    "Rural credit market imperfections and the role of microfinance,'' in A. Goenka and D. Henley (Eds.)  Moneylenders to microfinance: Southeast Asia's credit revolution in institutional, economic and cultural perspective, Routledge Press, 2009.

    "Manipulation via endowments and sunspot equilibrium" (Joint with S. Matta),  Economic Theory, 36 (2), 267-282, 2008.

    "Stabilizing Sunspots,'' (Joint with Christophe Prechac) Journal of Mathematical Economics, 42 (4-5), 544-555, 2006.

    "Indeterminacy with Labor Augmenting Externalities,'' (Joint with Odile Poulsen)   Journal of Economics, Special Issue 2005, 143-166.

    "Informed trading and the `leakage' of information,'' Journal of Economic Theory,  109, 360-377, 2003.

    "Robustness of Sunspot Equilibria,'' (Joint with K. Shell),  Economic Theory,  10 (1), 79-98, 1997.

    "When Don't Sunspots Matter,'' (Joint with K. Shell), Economic Theory,  9 (1), 169-178, 1997.

    "Income Redistributions Without Catastrophes,'' (With R. Garratt),  J. of Economic Dynamics and Control, 19(1), 441-455, 1995.

    "Fiscal Rules and Extrinsic Uncertainty,'' Economic Theory, 4(3),  401-416, 1994.

    "Rationing and Sunspot Equilibria,''  Journal of Economic Theory,  64(2), 424-442, December 1994.