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Title: Associate Professor
Email: ecsbm Office: AS2 06-05
Tel: 6516 6014 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
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Teaching Areas:
Development Economics

Research Areas:
Macroeconomics, Development and Political Economy

Selected Publications:
Brückner M, Tuladhar A: Local government spending multipliers and financial distress: evidence from Japanese prefectures, Economic Journal, forthcoming.

Arezki R, Brückner M: Commodity windfalls, democracy, and external debt, Economic Journal 122 (2012), 848-866.

Brückner M, Pappa E: Fiscal expansions, unemployment, and labor participation, International Economic Review 53 (2012), 1205-1228.

Arezki R, Brückner M: Rainfall, financial development, and remittances, Journal of International Economics 87 (2012), 377-385.

Arezki R, Brückner M: Commodity windfalls, polarization, and net foreign assets, Journal of International Economics 86 (2012), 318-326.

Brückner M, Chong A, Gradstein M: Estimating permanent income elasticity of government expenditures: Evidence on Wagner's law based on oil price shocks, Journal of Public Economics 96 (2012), 1025-1035.

Brückner M, Ciccone A, Tesei A: Oil price shocks, income, and democracy, Review of Economics and Statistics 94 (2012), 389-399.

Brückner M, Ciccone A: Rain and the democratic window of opportunity, Econometrica 79 (2011), 923-947.

Brückner M, Ciccone A: International commodity prices, growth and the outbreak of civil war in sub-Saharan Africa, Economic Journal 120 (2010), 519-534.

Brückner M: Population size and civil conflict risk: Is there a causal link?, Economic Journal 120 (2010), 535-550.