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Title: Associate Professor
Email: ecsbmr Office: AS2 06-18
Tel: 6516 6008 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, Northwestern University
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Teaching Areas:
Money and Banking II

Research Areas:
Monetary and International Economics

Selected Publications:
Bodenstein M, Hebden J, Nunes R: Imperfect credibility and the zero lower bound, Journal of Monetary Economics 59 (2012), 135-149.

Bodenstein M: Closing large open economy models, Journal of International Economics 84 (2011), 160-177.

Bodenstein M, Erceg CJ, Guerrieri L: Oil shocks and external adjustment, Journal of International Economics 83 (2011), 168-184.

Bodenstein M: Trade elasticity of substitution and equilibrium dynamics, Journal of Economic Theory 145 (2010), 1033-1059.

Bodenstein M, Erceg CJ, Guerrieri L: Optimal monetary policy with distinct core and headline inflation rates, Journal of Monetary Economics 55 (2008), S18-S33.