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Parimal K. BAG
Title: Associate Professor
Email: ecsbpk Office: AS2 05-38
Tel: 6516 3997 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, Cornell University

Teaching Areas:
Public Economics
Law and Economics

Research Areas:
Public Economics
Game Theory

Selected Publications:

"Communication and authority with a partially informed expert," (with Murali Agastya and Indranil Chakraborty), RAND Journal of Economics, 45:1 (2014), 176-197.

"Peer transparency in teams: Does it help or hinder incentives?" (with Pepito N), International Economic Review 53 (2012), 1257-1286.

"Match-Fixing under Competitive Odds," (with Bibhas Saha), Games and Economic Behavior 73 (2011), 318-344.

"Double-edged transparency in teams," (with Nona Pepito), Journal of Public Economics 95(2011), 531-542.

"Multi-stage voting, sequential elimination and Condorcet consistency," (with Hamid Sabourian and Eyal Winter), Journal of Economic Theory 144(2009), 1278-1299.

"Repeated Charitable Contributions under Incomplete Information," (with Santanu Roy), Economic Journal, vol. 118, January, pp. 60-91, 2008.

"Beneficial Collusion in Corruption Control: The Case of Nonmonetary Penalties," (with Mehmet Bac), Journal of Development Economics, vol. 81, December, pp. 478-499, 2006.

"Simple Subscription Mechanisms for Excludable Public Goods," (with Eyal Winter), Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 87, July, pp. 72-94, 1999.