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CHIA Ngee Choon
Title: Associate Professor
Email: ecscnc Office: AS2 05-20
Tel: 6516 6020 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, University of Western Ontario
Homepage: N.A
CV: \people\CV\ecscnc.pdf

Teaching Areas:
Public Finance, Microeconomic Theory, Topics in Economic Policy Analysis, Health Economics

Research Areas:
Public Finance, Economics of Aging, Health Economics

Selected Publications:

"A General Equilibrium-Based Social Policy Model for Cote d'Ivoire", (with S. Wahba and J. Whalley) Poverty and Social Policy Series, Paper No.2, The World Bank, Washington, October 1992, 86 pp.

"The Tax Treatment of Financial Intermediation", (with J. Whalley), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 1999, 31(4), 704-19

"Ownership and Use Taxes as Congestion Correcting Instruments" (with A Tsui and J Whalley), NBER Working Papers Series, WP8278, May 2001.

"Life Annuities of Compulsory Savings and Income Adequacy of the Elderly in Singapore," (with A. Tsui), Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2003 2(1), 41-65

"Medical Savings Accounts in Singapore: How much is adequate?" (with A. Tsui), Journal of Health Economics, 2005, 24(5), 855-875

"Social Protection in Singapore: Targeted Welfare and Asset-Based Social Security" in Social Protection in Asia – Issues and Challenges, ed. Mukul Asher, Sothea Oum and Fiska Parulian, ERIA, 2010, 41 pp.

"Retirement Adequacy and Housing Finance through the CPF System." In Singapore Perspectives 2012: Singapore Inclusive: Bridging Divides, ed Soon Hock Kang and Chan Hoong Leong. Singapore: World Scientific, 2012, 8 pp.