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John HAM
Title: Professor / Provost's Chair
Email: ecsham Office: AS2 06-05
Tel: 8323 1085 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, Princeton University

Teaching Areas:

Research Areas:
Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics and Health Economics

Selected Publications:
“Implicit Contracts, Life Cycle Labor Supply, and Intertemporal Substitution.” International Economic Review 2013 54: 1133-1158. Joint with Kevin Reilly.

“Testing Intertemporal Substitution, Implicit Contract, and Hours Restriction Models of the Labour Market Using Micro Data.” American Economic Review 2002 92: 905-927. Joint with Kevin Reilly.

“The Impact of Being Offered and Receiving Classroom Training on the Employment Histories of Disadvantaged Women: Evidence from Experimental Data.” Review of Economic Studies 1997 64: 655-682. Joint with C. Eberwein and R. LaLonde.

“Selection Bias, Demographic Effects and Ability Effects in Common Value Auction Experiments.” American Economic Review 2007 97: 1278-1304. Joint with M. Casari and J. Kagel.

“Government Programs Can Improve Local Labor Markets: Evidence from State Enterprise Zones, Federal Empowerment Zones and Federal Enterprise Communities.” Journal of Public Economics 2011 95: 779-797. Joint with and Charles Swenson, Ayse Imrohoroglu and Heonjae Song.