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Basant K. KAPUR
Title: Emeritus Professor
Email: ecskapur Office: AS2 06-13
Tel: 6516 3948 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, MA, Stanford University
CV: -

Teaching Areas:
Macroeconomics, Monetary and Banking Economics
Values in Economics
International Economics

Research Areas:

Global Financial Imbalances and Endogenous Growth; Structural Change
Infrastructure and Endogenous Growth
Housing Price Dynamics
The Singapore Economy; Growth and Well-Being

Selected Publications:

‘A Symmetric Heckscher-Ohlin Model of Endogenous Growth’,  Journal of Economics, 116 (3), Nov 2015, 183-209

'Progressive Services, Asymptotically Stagnant Services, and Manufacturing: Growth and Structural Change', Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 36(9), Sept 2012, 1322-1339

'Capital Flows and Exchange Rate Volatility: Singapore’s Experience', in S. Edwards (ed.), Capital Controls and Capital Flows in Emerging Economies: Policies, Practices, and Consequences, Chicago: University of Chicago Press for National Bureau of Economic Research, 2007, 575-603

'Financial Liberalization and Short-Run Housing Price Dynamics', Economic Theory, 29(3), Nov 2006, 649-675

'Can Faster Income Growth Reduce Well-Being?', Social Choice and Welfare, 25(1), Oct 2005, 155-171

'A Communitarian Utility Function and Its Social and Economic Implications', Economics and Philosophy, 15(1), April 1999, 43-62

Communitarian Ethics and Economics, Aldershot: Avebury, 1995

'Formal and Informal Financial Markets and the Neo-Structuralist Critique of the Financial Liberalization Strategy in Less Developed Countries', Journal of Development Economics, 38(1), Feb 1992, 63-77

'Optimal Financial and Foreign-Exchange Liberalization of Less-Developed Economies', Quarterly Journal of Economics, 97(1), Feb 1983, 41-62

'Traded Goods, Nontraded Goods, and the Balance of Payment: A Steady-State Analysis', International Economic Review, 22(1), Feb 1981, 167-178

'Alternative Stabilization Policies for Less Developed Economies', Journal of Political Economy, 84(4), Aug 1976, 777-796