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LU Jingfeng
Title: Associate Professor
Email: ecsljf Office: AS2 05-27
Tel: 6516 6026 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, University of Southern California
CV: \people\CV\ecsljf.pdf

Teaching Areas:
Contract Theory
Mathematical Economics

Research Areas:
Auction and Contest
Applied Econometrics
Industrial Organization

Selected Publications:
Efficient and Optimal Mechanisms with Private Information Acquisition Costs, with Lixin Ye, Journal of Economic Theory 148 (2013), 393-408.

Optimal Multi-Stage Contest, with Fu Qiang, Economic Theory, 51(2), 2012, 351-382, Reviewed by NAJ Economics.

Competitive Effects of Cross-Shareholdings in All-Pay Auctions with Complete Information, with Qiang Fu, International Journal of Industrial Organization, forthcoming

Optimal Auctions with Asymmetric Externalities, Games and Economic Behavior, 74, 2012, 561-575.

Incentivizing R&D: Prize or Subsidies?, with Fu Qiang and Yuanzhu Lu, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 30(1), 2012, 67-79.

Micro Foundations for Generalized Multi-Prize Contest: A Noisy Ranking Perspective, with Fu Qiang, Social Choice and Welfare, 38(3), 2012, 497-517.

On Disclosure Policy in Contests with Stochastic Entry, with Q. Fu, Q. Jiao, Public Choice, 148(3), 2011, 419-434.

Entry Coordination and Auction Design with Private Costs of Information-Acquisition ", Economic Inquiry, 48(1), 2010, 274-289.

Contest Design and Optimal Endogenous Entry, with Qiang Fu, Economic Inquiry, 48(1), 2010, 80-88.

Contest with Pre-Contest Investment, with Fu Qiang, Economics Letters, 103(3), 2009, 142-145.

Private Provision of a Discrete Public Good with Voluntary Participation, with Euston Quah, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 11(3), 2009, 343-362.

The Beauty of "Bigness": on Optimal Design of Multi Winner Contests, with Qiang Fu, Games and Economic Behavior, 66, 2009,146-161.

Why A Simple Second-Price Auction Induces Efficient Endogenous Entry, Theory and Decision, 66, 2009: 181-198.

Auction Design with Opportunity Cost, Economic Theory, 38(1), 2009: 73-103.

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