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LUO Xiao
Title: Associate Professor
Email: ecslx Office: AS2 05-18
Tel: 6516 6231 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, McGill University
Homepage: -
CV: \people\CV\ecslx.pdf

Teaching Areas:
Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory

Research Areas:
Game Theory, Economic Theory, Information Economics

Selected Publications:
  1. "An indistinguishability result on rationalizability under general preferences," (with Y.C. Chen), Economic Theory 51, 1-12, 2012.

  2. "The foundation of stability in extensive games with perfect information," Journal of Mathematical Economics 45, 860-868, 2009.

  3. "Bayesian coalitional rationalizability," (with C.C. Yang), Journal of Economic Theory 144, 248-263, 2009.

  4. "On the foundation of stability," Economic Theory 40, 185-201, 2009.

  5. "Mutually acceptable courses of action," (with J. Greenberg and S. Gupta), Economic Theory 40, 91-112, 2009.

  6. "Stability, sequential rationality, and subgame consistency," (with S.J. Huang), Economic Theory 34, 309-329, 2008.

  7. "Iterated strict dominance in general games," (with Y.C. Chen and N.V. Long), Games and Economic Behavior 61, 299-315, 2007.

  8. "'Agreeing to disagree' type results: a decision-theoretic approach," (with C. Ma), Journal of Mathematical Economics 39, 849-861, 2003.

  9. "(Sophisticated) stable sets in exchange economies," (with J. Greenberg, R. Oladi, and B. Shitovitz), Games and Economic Behavior 39, 54-70, 2002.

  10. "General systems and phi-stable sets — a formal analysis of socioeconomic environments," Journal of Mathematical Economics 36, 95-109, 2001.

  11. "Stable equilibrium in beliefs in extensive games with perfect information," (with C. Ma), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 25, 1801-1825, 2001.