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Alberto SALVO
Title: Associate Professor
Email: Office: AS2 05-35
Tel: 6516 4874 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, London School of Economics



Teaching Areas:
Environmental Economics (undergraduate), Advanced Industrial Organisation (PhD)

Research Areas:

Energy & Environmental Economics, Industrial Organisation, and Applied Microeconomics in general

Selected Publications:

“Severe Air Pollution and Labor Productivity: Evidence from Industrial Towns in China,” (with J. He and H. Liu) American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, DOI 10.1257/app.20170286, 11(1), (2019) pp. 173-201

“Electrical Appliances Moderate Households’ Water Demand Response to Heat,” Nature Communications , DOI 10.1038/s41467-018-07833-3, 9(5408), (2018) pp.1-14

“Severe Air Pollution and Child Absences When Schools and Parents Respond,” (with H. Liu) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management DOI  10.1016/j.jeem.2018.10.003, 92, (2018) pp. 300-330

“External Effects of Diesel Trucks Circulating Inside the São Paulo Megacity,” (with J. He and N. Gouveia) Journal of the European Economic Association, DOI 10.1093/jeea/jvy015, (2018) pp. 1-43

“Flexible Fuel Vehicles, Less Flexible Minded Consumers: Price Information Experiments at the Pump,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, DOI 10.1016/j.jeem.2018.08.016, 92, (2018) pp. 194-221

“Reduced Ultrafine Particle Levels in São Paulo’s Atmosphere During Shifts from Gasoline to Ethanol Use,” (with J. Brito, P. Artaxo and F. M. Geiger) Nature Communications, DOI  s41467-017-00041-5, 8(77), (2017) pp. 1-14

“Ethanol-Blended Gasoline Policy and Ozone Pollution in Urban São Paulo,” (with Y. Wang) Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, DOI 10.1086/691996, 4(3), (2017) pp.731-794

"The Rise of Fringe Competitors In the Wake of an Emerging Middle Class: An Empirical Analysis,” (with A. Eizenberg) American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 7(3), (2015) pp. 85-122

“Reduction in Local Ozone Levels in Urban São Paulo Due to a Shift from Ethanol to Gasoline Use,” (with F. M. Geiger) Nature Geoscience, 7(6) (2014), pp. 450-458

“Build It, But Will They Come? Evidence from Consumer Choice between Gasoline and Sugarcane Ethanol,” (with C.Huse) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 66(2), (2013) pp. 251-279

“Consumer-Surplus-Enhancing Collusion and Trade,” (with Deltas, G. and H. Vasconcelos RAND Journal of Economics, 43(2), (2012) pp. 315-328

“Is Arbitrage Tying the Price of Ethanol to that of Gasoline? Evidence from the Uptake of Flexible-Fuel Technology,'' (with C. Huse) Energy Journal, 32(3), (2011) pp. 119-148

“Inferring Market Power under the Threat of Entry: The Case of the Brazilian Cement Industry,” RAND Journal of Economics, 41(2), (2010) pp. 326-350. (An earlier version of this paper won an Antitrust Policy Award from the Brazilian Ministry of the Treasury in November 2007)

“Trade Flows in a Spatial Oligopoly: Gravity Fits Well, But What Does it Explain?,” Canadian Journal of Economics, 43(1), (2010) pp. 63-96. (This paper won the Robert Mundell prize for the best article by a young economist published in 2010 in the Canadian Journal of Economics, awarded by the Canadian Economics Association.)

“Sequential Cross-border Mergers in Models of Oligopoly,” Economica, 77(306), (2010) pp. 352-383

“Cut-throat Fringe Competition in an Emerging Country Market: Tax Evasion or the Absence of Market Power?,” Journal of Industrial Economics, 57(4), (2009) pp. 677-711. (This paper won a Young Economists’ Essay Award from the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (in 2007).)

“Cemex: International Market Maker in Cement.” Journal of Strategic Management Education, 3, (2006) pp. 1-24