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Alberto SALVO
Title: Associate Professor
Email: Office: AS2 05-35
Tel: 6516 4874 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, London School of Economics



Teaching Areas:
Environmental Economics (undergraduate), Advanced Industrial Organisation (PhD)

Research Areas:

Energy & Environmental Economics, Industrial Organisation, and Applied Microeconomics in general

Selected Publications:

“Severe Air Pollution and Labor Productivity: Evidence from Industrial Towns in China,” (with J. He and H. Liu) American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, DOI 10.1257/app.20170286, 11(1), (2019) pp. 1-31

“Severe Air Pollution and Child Absences When Schools and Parents Respond,” (with H. Liu) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (forthcoming, 2018)

“External Effects of Diesel Trucks Circulating Inside the São Paulo Megacity,” (with J. He and N. Gouveia) Journal of the European Economic Association, DOI 10.1093/jeea/jvy015, (2018) pp. 1-43

“Flexible Fuel Vehicles, Less Flexible Minded Consumers: Price Information Experiments at the Pump,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, DOI 10.1016/j.jeem.2018.08.016, (forthcoming, 2018)

“Reduced Ultrafine Particle Levels in São Paulo’s Atmosphere During Shifts from Gasoline to Ethanol Use,” (with J. Brito, P. Artaxo and F. M. Geiger) Nature Communications, DOI  s41467-017-00041-5, 8(77), (2017) pp. 1-14

“Ethanol-Blended Gasoline Policy and Ozone Pollution in Urban São Paulo,” (with Y. Wang) Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, DOI 10.1086/691996, 4(3), (2017) pp.731-794

"The Rise of Fringe Competitors In the Wake of an Emerging Middle Class: An Empirical Analysis,” (with A. Eizenberg) American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 7(3), (2015) pp. 85-122

“Reduction in Local Ozone Levels in Urban São Paulo Due to a Shift from Ethanol to Gasoline Use,” (with F. M. Geiger) Nature Geoscience, 7(6) (2014), pp. 450-458

“Build It, But Will They Come? Evidence from Consumer Choice between Gasoline and Sugarcane Ethanol,” (with C.Huse) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 66(2), (2013) pp. 251-279

“Consumer-Surplus-Enhancing Collusion and Trade,” (with Deltas, G. and H. Vasconcelos RAND Journal of Economics, 43(2), (2012) pp. 315-328

“Is Arbitrage Tying the Price of Ethanol to that of Gasoline? Evidence from the Uptake of Flexible-Fuel Technology,'' (with C. Huse) Energy Journal, 32(3), (2011) pp. 119-148

“Inferring Market Power under the Threat of Entry: The Case of the Brazilian Cement Industry,” RAND Journal of Economics, 41(2), (2010) pp. 326-350. (An earlier version of this paper won an Antitrust Policy Award from the Brazilian Ministry of the Treasury in November 2007)

“Trade Flows in a Spatial Oligopoly: Gravity Fits Well, But What Does it Explain?,” Canadian Journal of Economics, 43(1), (2010) pp. 63-96. (This paper won the Robert Mundell prize for the best article by a young economist published in 2010 in the Canadian Journal of Economics, awarded by the Canadian Economics Association.)

“Sequential Cross-border Mergers in Models of Oligopoly,” Economica, 77(306), (2010) pp. 352-383

“Cut-throat Fringe Competition in an Emerging Country Market: Tax Evasion or the Absence of Market Power?,” Journal of Industrial Economics, 57(4), (2009) pp. 677-711. (This paper won a Young Economists’ Essay Award from the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (in 2007).)

“Cemex: International Market Maker in Cement.” Journal of Strategic Management Education, 3, (2006) pp. 1-24