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CHEN Yi-Chun
Title: Associate Professor
Email: ecsycc Office: AS2 05-17
Tel: 6516 3992 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, Northwestern University
CV: -

Teaching Areas:

Microeconomics, Mathematical Economics

Research Areas:
Microeconomics Theory, Game Theory, Mathematical Economics and Information Economics

Selected Publications:
The robust selection of rationalizability (with Takahashi S, Xiong SY), Journal of Economic Theory 151 (2014), 448-475.

Genericity and robustness of full surplus extraction (with Xiong SY), Econometrica 81 (2013), 825-847.

The e-mail game phenomenon (with Xiong SY), Games and Economic Behavior 80 (2013), 147-156.

An indistinguishability result on rationalizability under general preferences (with Luo X), Economic Theory 51 (2012), 1-12.

A structure theorem for rationalizability in the normal form of dynamic games, Games and Economic Behavior 75 (2012), 587–597.

The genericity of beliefs-determine-preferences models revisited (with Xiong SY), Journal of Economic Theory 146 (2011), 751-761.

Universality of the Epstein-Wang type structure, Games and Economic Behavior 68 (2010), 389-402.

Iterated strict dominance in general games (with Long NV and Luo X), Games and Economic Behavior 61 (2007), 299-315.