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ZHOU Junjie
Title: Associate Professor
Email: ecszjj Office: AS2 06-19
Tel: 6601 3088 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, University of California-Berkeley

Teaching Areas:
Microeconomic Theory

Research Areas:
Economics of networks, IO, Game Theory

Selected Publications:
Competitive pricing strategies in social networks (with Ying-Ju Chen and Yves Zenou) 2018, The Rand Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

Multiple Activities in Networks (with Ying-Ju Chen, Yves Zenou), 2017, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, forthcoming.

Optimal pricing with sequential consumption in networks (with Ying-Ju Chen), 2017, Operations Research, forthcoming.

Does more Information-gathering Effort Raise or Lower the Average Quantity Produced?(with T. Marschak and J. G. Shanthikumar), Journal of Mathematical Economics, 69C (2017), 104-117.

Blackwell's Informativeness Ranking with Uncertainty-averse Preferences (with Jian Li), Games and Economic Behavior 96 (2016), 18-29.

Economics of Leadership and Hierarchy, Games and Economic Behavior 95 (2016), 88-106.

Targeted Information Release in Social Networks (with Ying-Ju Chen), 2016, Operations Research, 64(3), 721-735.

Information Disclosure in Contests: a Bayesian Persuasion Approach (with Jun Zhang), 2016, Economic Journal, 126:2197-2217.

Key leaders in social networks (with Ying-Ju Chen), Journal of Economic Theory, 157 (2015), 212–235.

A Newsvendor Who Chooses Informational Effort (with T. Marschak and J. G. Shanthikumar), 2015, Production and Operations Management, 24(1) 110-133.