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ZHONG Songfa
Title: Assistant Professor
Email: ecszs Office: AS2 05-13
Tel: 6516 3944 Fax: 6775 2646
Degree: PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
CV: \people\CV\ecszs.pdf

Teaching Areas:

Research Areas:
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Biological Economics, Neuroeconomics

Selected Publications:
Miao B, Zhong S: Comment on 'Risk Preferences are Not Time Preferences': Separating Risk and Time Preference, American Economic Review 105:7 (2015), 2272-2286.

Chew Soo Hong, Richard P. Ebstein, Zhong Songfa: Ambiguity aversion and familiarity bias: Evidence from behavioral and gene association studies, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 44 (2012), 1-18.