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Admin Staff

General Office: AS2-06-02

Title Name Tel Email Main Area
Manager Ms PAK Ming Foon, Ginny 6516 3956 ecspmfg Undergraduate
Assistant Manager Ms WOON Swee Yoke 6516 6027 ecswsy Undergraduate
Manager Ms Nicky KHEH 6516 4878 ecsklc Graduate
Assistant Manager Ms LI Jing 6516 8909 ecslij Graduate (Master of Economics)
Assistant Manager Ms NEO Seok Min 6516 3941 ecssec Head's Personal Assistant
Management Assistant Officer Ms CHEE Lee Kuen 6516 3942 ecsclk Timetabling
Management Assistant Officer Ms Fatimah AHMAD 6516 3950 ecsfa Undergraduate (levels 1000-2000)
Management Assistant Officer Ms Salinah ZUBER 6516 3958 ecssz Undergraduate (levels 3000-4000)
Management Assistant Officer Ms Diana ISMAIL 6516 6013 ecsdi Graduate (Coursework)
Management Assistant Officer Mdm TAN Leng Choo 6516 1304 ecstlc Graduate (Research)