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To be a leading research centre for applied economics and policy studies on Singapore and Asia.


To provide rigorous, independent and timely economic research that will serve as the basis for economic policy formulation in Singapore and Asia.

Clusters of Research 

Four key areas:  

i.              Macroeconomics and Modelling

ii.             Human Resources and Labour Economics

iii.            Public Economics and Social Policy

iv.            Behavioural and Experimental Economics

The Centre also undertakes applied research work in econometrics and forecasting of the Singapore economy with its Econometric Studies Unit (ESU), which was established in 1981.

Activities of SCAPE

Carry out independent and rigorous research that will serve as the basis for economic policy formulation for the Singapore economy and the region. The four possible research areas are: macroeconomics and modelling; human resources and labour economics; public economics and social policy and behavioural and experimental economics.
Organize conferences, workshops and public talks on key issues relevant to Singapore and the region. These may include aspects on social policy matters (social security and welfare, health, environment, education etc).
Provide training programmes in research methodologies and technical know-how to aspirant researchers and executives.
Disseminate research results with the least possible delay and make inroads into publishing them in applied international journals through a policy research working paper series.
Set up the required databases essential to facilitate research.
Network with relevant public and private sector leaders, and draw in intellectual discussion with international bodies / agencies and research affiliates from EAI, IPS, ISEAS, etc.
As much public policy involves not only inputs from economics but also contributions from other disciplines, the Centre will provide an avenue for inter and multi-disciplinary research through policy forums and workshops.