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Date Events
29 Jan 2018 The 12th Joint Economics Symposium of Five Leading East Asian Universities (Fudan University, Keio University, National Chengchi University, National University of Singapore, Yonsei University)
20 Oct 2017 Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2017
28 Apr 2017 Seminar on IMF: World Economic Outlook
07 Apr 2016

Scape Seminar "Asian Economic Developments - Views from East and West"

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12 Jan 2016

SCAPE-NAI Joint Symposium on Social Security With Nobel Laureate Peter Diamond

5 Oct 2015 Scape Seminar "How to Understand the Slowdown of China Economy"
5 Aug 2015 NAI-Scape Joint Seminar "Closing the Small Open Economy Model: A Demographic Approach"
27 April 2015 Scape Seminar "Competition Authority Substantive Standards and Social Welfare"
20 Mar 2015 Scape Seminar "Energy Rebound Effect: Definitions,Estimation and Policy Implications"
18 Nov 2014 Seminar on "IMF October 2014 World Economic Outlook: Are Global Imbalances at a Turning Point?"
31 Oct 2014 The 7th Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2014
5 & 6 Jun 2014 2014 Workshop on Wealth and Income Inequality in China and Singapore
8 Apr 2014 Seminar on "IMF April 2014 World Economic Outlook: Recovery Strengthens, Remains Uneven"
13 Dec 2013 Policy Forum on "Where Is Pro-social Leadership from? Provincial Leaders' Liberal Arts Education and Fiscal Expenditure Structure in China"
9 Dec 2013 Workshop on "Illusive Productivity and SMEs in Singapore"
6 Jun 2013 Policy Forum on "The Evolution of Development Strategy As Balancing Market and Government Failure"
12 Apr 2013 Policy Forum on "A New Trade War? Competition between TPP and RCEP for the Future of Trading Architecture in Asia"
25 Jan 2013 The Seventh Joint Economics Symposium of Five Leading East Asian Universities (Fudan, HKU, Keio, NUS, Yonsei)
4 Sep 2012 Policy Forum on "Measuring the effects of removing subsidies for private insurance on public expenditure for health care"
17 May 2012 Policy Forum on "Imperfectly Competitive Market Intermediaries and the Efficacy of the Special Safeguard Mechanism"
20 Feb 2012

Panel Discussion on the Singapore Government Budget 2012

21 Oct 2011 Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2011       Photos ]
31 Aug 2011 Policy Forum on "The US Financial Crisis and Its Aftermath"
24 May 2011 Policy Forum on "Integrated Public Use Microdata Series International (IPUMS-I)"
22 Feb 2011 Panel Discussion on the Singapore Government Budget 2011
1 Feb 2011 Policy Forum on "Emerging Markets: What Is Next?"
4 Nov 2010 Policy Forum on "New Estimates of the Equilibrium Exchange Rate: The case of the Chinese Renminbi"
11 Oct 2010 Public Lecture on "Measuring Port Service Quality: From the Liners' Perspective"
28 Sep 2010 Seminar on "Drivers of Developing Asia's Growth: Past and Future"
2 Sep 2010 Policy Forum on "Losing Control: the Emerging Threats to Western Prosperity"
27 Aug 2010 Joint Civil Service College – SCAPE Public Lecture on "Using Economics to Evaluate Hard Policy Questions: What the Dismal Science has to Offer"
16 Jul 2010 Public Lecture on "The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Shipping Industry: What Do We Learn from It?"
4 Jun 2010 Policy Forum on "Global Economic Outlook: How Secure is the Global Recovery?"
4 Mar 2010 Joint Civil Service College – SCAPE Policy Forum on "Regulating Globalised Finance: Prospects and Pitfalls"
23 Feb 2010

Panel Discussion on the Singapore Government Budget 2010

25 Jan 2010

Joint CSC – SCAPE Public Lecture on "What Works – Flipcharts, (Micro)finance, Fertilizers, or Female Leaders? Changing Lives Through Better Public Policy"

08 Dec 2009 Joint CAMRI - SCAPE Public Lecture on "The Next Generation of Life-Cycle Investment Products"
24 Nov 2009 Joint IRES-SCAPE Research Seminar on "Spatial Asset Pricing: A First Step"
17 Nov 2009 New Rules, Same Game: How US Financial Legislation Will – and Will Not – Impact the Global Economy
6 Oct 2009 The Asian Water Crisis – Issues, Challenges and Possible Solutions
10 Sept 2009 Public Lecture on "Growth Prospects in the Wake of the Economic Crisis"
8 Sept 2009 Policy Forum on "Reflections on the Economic Role of Small and Young Businesses"
16 Apr 2009

Policy Forum on 'Generating Income for Retirement: Lease Buyback Scheme or Other Options?'

31 Mar 2009

Joint RMI-SCAPE Seminar on 'A Network Model of Super-Systemic Crises'

10 Mar 2009

Policy Forum on 'Competition in Public Transport Sector in Singapore: Is there room for more than one operator?'

09 Jan 2009

The Third Joint Economics Symposium of Five Leading East Asian Universities
Theme: Changing Dynamics of Asian Economic Growth and Re-alignment of Economic Links

15 Dec 2008

SCAPE Seminar on 'The Productivity Race between India and China in Manufacturing in the Reform Era'

24 Oct 2008

Singapore Economic Policy Conference 2008

The Conference is jointly organized by NUS (SCAPE and Institute of Policy Studies), NTU (Economic Growth Centre), SMU (School of Economics), and the Economic Society of Singapore. It brings together distinguished speakers from the public and private sectors and academia to address a wide range of highly topical issues pertinent to the Singapore economy. These include the macroeconomic impact of an appreciation of the Singapore dollar to counter imported inflation, the housing market and housing assets for retirement, key drivers of Singapore business cycles, sovereign wealth funds, Singapore's growth model re-considered, the social safety net, and the financial market turmoil and outlook.

9 Oct 2008

Joint RMI-SCAPE Seminar on 'Steps Toward the Development and the Integration of Asian Bond Market'

14 Jul 2008

Joint SCAPE-ESS Seminar on 'Expenditure-Switching Effect and the Choice of Exchange Rate Regime'

Wei Dong joined the Bank of Canada in August 2006 as a senior analyst in the International Department. Her research interests are open economy macroeconomics and international finance. Wei's research covers the dynamics of exchange-rate movements and the implications for real economic adjustment and monetary policy. Wei holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a B.A. from Nankai University.

8 & 11 July 2008

Policy Forums on Estimates of Purchasing Power Parities and Real Incomes

Professor D.S. Prasada Rao is Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, and he is the Director of Centre for Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (CEPA). Professor Rao is internationally recognized for his work on index number methods for international comparisons of prices, real incomes, output and productivity and for the estimation of purchasing power parities for the estimation of regional and global poverty. He is currently a member of the Technical Advisory Group for the International Comparison Program at the World Bank and a member of the Poverty Advisory Group at the World Bank. In addition to his research contributions in the form of books, book chapters and journal articles, Professor Rao has also undertaken several large scale projects for the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, the International Labour Organisation, the Asian and African Development Banks, and the World Bank.

Professor Rao is an econometrician with research interests in: index number theory and applications; purchasing power parities; international comparisons of real output and productivity; modeling income distributions and measurement of inequality; efficiency and productivity measurement; measurement of health inequality; measurement of regional and global poverty.

28 April 2008 Policy Forum on "The Global Oil Market Since 2003: An Overview"

Dr Sam Ouliaris is a Professor of Economics (joint appointment) in the Departments of Business Policy and Economics at the National University of Singapore. He holds a PhD in economics from Yale University.

His areas of specialization are macroeconomics, econometrics (time-series analysis), and large-scale database systems for time-series.

Professor Ouliaris serves as a regular consultant to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Economic Policy Division) and, since 1999, has held various positions in the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

During 2003-2005, Professor Ouliaris worked in the IMF's Commodities Unit, which is tasked with monitoring and assessing key developments in global commodity markets, primarily the oil market.

More information on his research can be found at:

8 April 2008 Policy Forum on "Net Neutrality"

Dr Julian Wright is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at the National University Singapore. He has a PhD in economics from Stanford University.

His areas of specialization are in network economics and competition policy. His recent research interests include work on two-sided platforms, exclusive dealing and collusion. He has studied and consulted for industries such as mobile telephony and card payment networks, where his work is frequently cited by policymakers. He is also editor of the Review of Network Economics and Associate Editor of the Journal of Industrial Economics.

More information on his research can be found at:

25 March 2008 Policy Forum on "Generational Accounting for Singapore"

Dr Chia Ngee-Choon is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at the National University of Singapore. She has acted as a consultant for the World Bank on tax policy reforms for Ivory Coast; and for the International Development Research Centre on the Microeconomic Impacts of Macroeconomic Adjustment Programs for Vietnam. She was the resource person for the Asian Development Bank Annual Tax Training Workshops for tax administrators from 1995 to 2001. More recently, she provided consultancy services to the Central Provident Fund Board and was a member of the National Longevity Insurance Committee.

11 March 2008 Policy Forum on "Knowledge Flow in East Asia and Beyond"

The Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics (SCAPE), Department of Economics, NUS, is pleased to invite you and your colleagues to the above Policy Forum, by Associate Professor Albert Hu Guangzhou.

23 October 2007 SCAPE Public Lecture on "Competition Policies in the EU" by Professor Mario Monti

Co-organized with the Embassy of Italy, the European Commission Delegation to Singapore, and the Singapore Academy of Law, Professor Mario Monti, President of Bocconi University and the former European Union Commissioner of Corruption, spoke on 'Competition Policies in the EU'.

Comparing competition policies in the EU and the US, he argued that the latter tended to be influenced in part by the ideological position of the party in power, as illustrated by the different handling of the Microsoft case under the Clinton and Bush administrations. This was not an issue in the EU context. As a supra-national institution, the EC's decisions were also not subject to differing interpretations of the law by federal and state authorities, as in the US. Professor Monti also emphasized the need for careful economic analysis in implementing competition policy, and called for greater cooperation and exchange of information among national competition regulatory bodies.

18 October 2007
Singapore Economic Policy Conference 2007

The Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics (SCAPE), Department of Economics, NUS, is pleased to invite you and your colleagues to the inaugural Singapore Economic Policy Conference to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore on October 18 2007. The Conference brings together distinguished speakers from the public and private sectors and academia to address a wide range of highly topical issues pertinent to the Singapore economy. These include the impact of the housing market on the economy, corporate tax and financial market issues, demographic and labour market trends, as well as issues related to the CPF and retirement, and the social safety net. Please click here for the Programme.

8 - 9 October 2007

SCAPE-EABER Workshop on "Intra-Asia Trade and Factor Flows: Trends, Determinants and Implications"

SCAPE co-organized the SCAPE-EABER Workshop with the East-Asian Bureau of Economic Research (EABER), Australian National University. The Guest-of-Honour, who delivered the Opening Address, was Mr Ravi Menon, Second Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore (MTI). The one-and-a-half day workshop featured experts presenting their research findings on intraregional equity and debt flows, labour flows, services trade, and technology and trade flows in Asia.

18 September 2007

Policy Forum on "Projecting the growth of potential output: applying the lessons of growth theory and growth accounting"

The Policy Forum is conducted by a well-known British economist, Professor Nicholas Oulton. He is a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Performance of the London School of Economics and is currently also a Visiting Professor at University College London. Please click here for more information.

11 September 2007

Policy Forum on "Overlapping Free Trade Agreements of Singapore"

The Policy Forum focuses on a recent development in the area of free trade agreements (FTAs), namely the formation of overlapping FTAs. A case study of Singapore-USA-Japan FTAs is presented. The speakers are Dr. Hur Jung and Mr. Chong Soo Yuen, of the Department of Economics, NUS.

Please click here for more information.

29 August 2007

Inaugural Policy Forum by Prof. Parkash Chander

We are pleased to announce the launch of a Policy Forum Series. This will be a continuing series of public lectures and talks by prominent academics and experts on economic issues of wide current interest. We are privileged that Professor Parkash Chander, Head, Department of Economics, NUS, has kindly agreed to launch this Series, with a talk on "Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol". Global climate change, and appropriate policy responses to it, are a subject of immense policy significance, affecting the livelihood and well-being of millions of people around the world, and Professor Chander has in recent years been actively researching the issues at stake in the current international negotiations on climate change. His talk will provide valuable new perspectives on a wide range of issues relating to global climate change.

Click here to download the flyer.

31 July 2007

Public Lecture by Prof. Barry Eichengreen
This public lecture looks at the Asian economies ten years after the financial crisis of 1997-8. It argues that, notwithstanding the very considerable efforts undertaken to bullet-proof the region's economies against instability, financial crises are still possible. It makes these points by comparing China today with the United States in the 19th century. Click here to download the flyer.

30 - 31 July 2007

The Claremont-Bologna-SCAPE International Economic Policy Forum 2007
This Policy Forum, which will be held from 30 to 31 July 2007 at National University of Singapore (NUS), would inaugurate an annual event organized jointly by Claremont McKenna College, John Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (Bologna Campus), and Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics (SCAPE), Department of Economics, NUS. The theme of the forum this year is "Capital Flows, Financial Markets and Economic Integration in Asia".

Click here to visit the forum's website.

4 July 2007
SCAPE Public Lecture at NUS

Professor David Hensher, ITLS speaks on "Developing a Service Quality Index (SQI): A case study in the provision of bus services". In a global and competitive environment, the line between failure and success often depends to a large extent on cost efficiency and cost effectiveness of service quality. Under such circumstances, how do service providers evaluate the effectiveness of the services they provide? Pilot investigations using stated preference (SP) methods are being investigated and some results are reported. For more information, click here to download the flyer.

3 - 5 July 2007

Discrete Choice Analysis Workshop
Discrete choice modeling and stated choice methods are widely used in such diverse fields as marketing, transport, finance, environmental and health economics, to study the behavioral responses of individuals, households and organizations.

The workshop is conducted by Professor David Hensher and Dr John Rose of ITLS. This course is an introduction to this burgeoning field designed to provide both theory and practical experience in the building and estimating of simple (e.g., Multinomial Logit (MNL)) and more advanced choice models (e.g., mixed logit), as well as in the application of mixtures of market based and stated choice data. Whilst theory will be covered, the majority of time will be spent in a computer lab, working on building models using real data, estimating models and interpreting the range of valuation and prediction outputs. Those completing the courses will be capable of transferring the techniques taught to their own research areas.

Download the programme here.
Download the flyer and application form here.

5 March 2007

The launch of and presentation on a book titled "The Singapore Economy: An Econometric Perspective" (co-authored by Tilak Abeysinghe and Choy Keen Meng) held on Monday, 5 March 2007 at the Shaw Foundation Building, NUS. The Guest-of-Honour for the book launch was Professor Shih Choon Fong (the President of NUS). Following the launch of the book, Prof. Abeysinghe and Prof. Choy gave a presentation of the unique features of the ESU model. They also addressed pertinent issues facing the Singapore economy based on policy simulations of the model. These include the medium term growth prospects for Singapore, as well as the impact of CPF changes and foreign worker policy on the economy.

29 - 30
November 2006

Asian Development Bank (ADB) workshop in collaboration with leading research institutes (SCAPE, ISEAS, ISAS and RIS) on emerging issues in Economic Relations between East Asia and South Asia and Pan-Asian Economic Integration held at the Orchard Hotel from 29-30 November 2006.

14 - 15
September 2006

Inaugural Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics(SCAPE) Workshop 2006

The Inaugural SCAPE Workshop, organized jointly with the World Bank and the Institute of Policy Studies, was held in September 2006. Its theme was "Production Networks and Changing Trade and Investment Patterns: The Economic Emergence of China and India and Implications for Asia and Singapore". SCAPE would like to express its appreciation to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of NUS, the World Bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore, and the Lee Foundation for their generous sponsorship of the workshop.

Please click here to visit the website.

25 October 2005

Public Lecture by Professor Ng Yew Kwang, Goh Keng Swee Professor

4 August 2005

The launching of SCAPE

The Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics (SCAPE) was successfully launched by Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam (Minister of Education & Deputy Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore) during the opening session of the Singapore Economic Review Conference (SERC 2005) at Pan Pacific Hotel on 4 August 2005. The Minister emphasized that "high standards in research and development of infrastructure conducive to the creation of knowledge are vital" as a source of economic growth with links between academic research and commercial applications. The event was attended by over 300 distinguished academics from leading universities in the world, civil servants and private sector economists. There was also very positive feedback on SCAPE's working papers during the conference. The SERC 2005 and the launching of SCAPE was part of the NUS Centennial Celebrations.

24 - 25 May 2005 Co-hosting of Research Conference on "University-Industry Linkages in Metropolitan Areas in Asia", sponsored by World Bank and the Social Science Research Council.
19 February 2005 Panel Discussion on "Singapore Budget 2005"

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