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SCAPE Policy Research Working Paper Series

2016/02 International Transmission of Growth Shocks
and the World Business Cycle
Shen Yifan and Tilak Abeysinghe
2016/01 Old-age dependency: Is it really increasing in aging populations? Tilak Abeysinghe
2015/01 Adding A Basic Pillar to the Central Provident Fund System: An Actuarial Analysis Chia Ngee Choon
2014/02 New Estimates of Time‐Varying Currency Betas: A trivariate BEKK approach Prabhath Jayasinghe, Albert K Tsui and Zhaoyong Zhang
2014/01 Income inequality in Singapore: Do housing prices play a role? Tilak Abeysinghe and Wong Yan Hao
2013/03 Conditional Heteroscedasticity With Leverage Effect In Stock Returns: Evidence From The Chinese Stock Market Ling Long, Albert Tsui and Zhaoyang Zhang
2013/02 Adequacy of Singapore's Central Provident Fund Payouts: Income Replacement Rates of Entrant Workers Chia Ngee Choon and Albert Tsui
2013/01 Estimating bubbles and affordable housing price trends: A study based on Singapore Tilak Abeysinghe and Jiaying Gu
2012/01 Outsourcing and Labour Productivity: Case of Singapore Manufacturing Sector Aekapol Chongvilaivan and Shandre M. Thangavelu
2011/01 Emission Trading Scheme in the Maritime Industry: An experimental analysis Anthony T H Chin and Thiam Hao Chua
2010/02 Carbon Emission Trading Scheme and The Aviation Sector: An experimental analysis on allocation of allowances Anthony T H Chin and Zhang Peng
2010/01 The Cultural Revolution, Stress and Cancer Tilak Abeysinghe and Jiaying Gu
2009/05 A Gaussian Test for Cointegration Tilak Abeysinghe and Gulasekaran Rajaguru
Measuring Asymmetry and Persistence in Conditional Volatility in Real Output: Evidence from Three East Asian Tigers Using a Multivariate GARCH approach
Vu Thanh Hai,
Albert K. Tsui and Zhaoyong Zhang
2009/03 Time-Varying Currency Betas:
Evidence from Developed and Emerging Markets
Prabhath Jayasinghe and Albert K. Tsui
2009/02 Does the IV estimator establish causality? Re-examining Chinese fertility-growth relationship Tilak Abeysinghe
and Gu Jiaying
2009/01 Monetizing Housing Equity to Generate Retirement Incomes Ngee-Choon Chia and Albert K C Tsui
2008/08 Alternative Approaches to the Development of Early Childhood Education in Singapore Yong Yik Wei, Aekapol Chongvilaivan, and Chew Jing Yang
2008/07 Lifetime Income and Housing Affordability in Singapore Tilak Abeysinghe and Jiaying Gu
2008/06 Feminization of Ageing and Long Term Care Financing in Singapore Chia Ngee Choon, Shawna Lim Shi'en and Angelique Chan
2008/05 Volatility Dynamics in Foreign Exchange Rates: Further Evidence from the Malaysian Ringgit and Singapore Dollar Kin-Yip Ho and Albert K Tsui
2008/04 Learning by Exporting and High-tech Capital Deepening in Singapore Manufacturing Industries, 1974-2006 Aekapol Chongvilaivan
2008/03 Economic Openness, Disciplined Government and Ethnic Peace Nava Ravi Kumaran and Tilak Abeysinghe
2008/02 Knowledge Flow in East Asia and Beyond Albert Guangzhou Hu
2008/01 Singapore's Direct Investment in Sri Lanka: Past Experience and Future Prospects Tilak Abeysinghe and Ananda Jayawickrama
2007/12 Do Banks Respond to Capital Requirement?  Evidence from Indonesia Rasyad A. Parinduri and Yohanes E. Riyanto
2007/11 Overlapping Free Trade Agreements of Singapore-USA-Japan: A Computational Analysis Soo Yuen Chong and Jung Hur
2007/10 Exchange Rate Exposure of Sectoral Returns and Volatilities: Evidence from Japanese Industrial Sectors Prabhath Jayasinghe and
Albert K. Tsui
2007/09 The effect of Strategic Sale of Banks: Evidence from Indonesia Rasyad A. Parinduri and Yohanes E. Riyanto
2007/08 Cross-Border M&A Inflows and the Quality of Institutions: A Cross Country Panel Data Analysis Jung Hur, Rasyad A. Parinduri and Yohanes E. Riyanto
2007/07 Exchange Rate Cooperation in East Asia - Why a Basket Approach may be best Peter Wilson
2007/06 Stochastic Dominance Analysis of iShares Dominic Gasbarro, Wing-Keung Wong and J. Kenton Zumwalt
2007/05 Stochastic Dominance and Mean-Variance Measures of Profit and Loss for Business Planning and Investment Wing-Keung Wong
2007/04 Singapore's Recurrent Budget Surplus The Role of Conservative Growth Forecasts Tilak Abeysinghe and Ananda Jayawickrama
2007/03 Premium on Fields of Study: The Returns to Higher Education in Singapore Yeo Khee Yong, Toh Mun Heng, Shandre M. Thangavelu and James Wong
2007/02 The Impact of Structured Training on Workers' Employability and Productivity Ang Boon Heng, Park Cheolsung, Liu Haoming, Shandre M. Thangavelu and James Wong
2007/01 Sustainability of Fiscal Deficits: The U.S. Experience 1929-2004 Ananda Jayawickrama and Tilak Abeysinghe
2006/15 Singapore Information Sector: A Study Using Input-Output Table Toh Mun Heng and Shandre M.Thangavelu
2006/14 Lessons from "Benchmark" Countries: Korea & Ireland Shandre M. Thangavelu and Hu Guangzhou
2006/13 Aging and Economic Growth: Issues Relevant to Singapore Shandre M. Thangavelu and Yong Yik Wei
2006/12 Estimating The Impacts of Demographic and Policy Changes on Pension Deficit
A Simple Method and Application to China
Zeng Yi
2006/11 Computing General Equilibrium Models with Occupational Choice and Financial Frictions António Antunes
Tiago Cavalcanti and
Anne Villamil
2006/10 The Effect of Financial Repression & Enforcement on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development António Antunes
Tiago Cavalcanti and
Anne Villamil
2006/09 Cooperation, Stability and Self-enforcement in International Environmental Agreements: A Conceptual Discussion Parkash Chander and Henry Tulkens
2006/08 Managing Exchange Rate Volatility: A Comparative Counterfactual Analysis of Singapore 1994 to 2003 Peter Wilson and Henry Ng Shang Ren
2006/07 Multi Factor SUR in Event Study Analysis: Evidence from M&A in Singapore’s Financial Industry Enrico Tanuwidjaja
2006/06 Development in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle Toh Mun Heng
2006/05 Linkages and Spillovers from Foreign Ownership in the Indian Pharmaceutical Firms Shandre M. Thangavelu and
Sanja Samirana Pattnayak
2006/04 Trade Regimes, Liberalization and Macroeconomic Instability in Africa Chantal Dupasquier and Patrick N. Osakwe
2006/03 Inflation Targeting Arrangements in Asia: Exploring the Role of the Exchange Rate Tony Cavoli and Ramkishen S. Rajan

What Determines the Gradient among Children in Developing Countries? Evidence from Indonesia

Cheolsung Park
2006/01 Prospects For Enhanced Exchange Rate Cooperation in East Asia: Some Preliminary Findings from Generalized PPP Theory Peter Wilson and Keen Meng Choy
2005/19 Have Exchange Rate Regimes in Asia become More Flexible Post crisis? Re-VISITING the EVIDENCE Tony Cavoli and Ramkishen S. Rajan
2005/18 The Capital Inflows Problem in Selected Asian Economies in the 1990s Revisited: The Role of Monetary Sterilization Tony Cavoli and Ramkishen S. Rajan
2005/17 Managing New-Style Currency Crises: The Swan Diagram Approach Revisited Ramkishen S. Rajan
2005/16 Does Stock Market Liberalisation
Benefit The Economy? Evidence From Industry-Level Data
Lee Chee Tong
2005/15 Determinants of Job Turnover Intentions: Evidence from Singapore Xiaolin Xing and Zhenlin Yang
2005/14 Central Bank Credibility and Monetary Policy: Evidence from Small Scale Macroeconomic Model of Indonesia Enrico Tanuwidjaja and Choy Keen Meng
2005/13 Creating First-Mover Advantages:
The Case of Samsung Electronics
Jang-Sup SHIN and Sung-Won JANG
2005/12 Do the technical indicators reward
chartists? A study on the stock markets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Wing-Keung Wong, Jun Du and
Terence Tai-Leung Chong
2005/11 Assessing the Effects of Privatisation, Competition and Regulation on Economic Performance: The Case of Electricity Sector Reform Yin-Fang Zhang, David Parker and
Colin Kirkpatrick
2005/10 Choice of Monetary and Exchange Regimes in ECOWAS: An Optimum
Currency Area Analysis
Chantal Dupasquier, Patrick N. Osakwe
and Shandre M. Thangavelu
2005/09 The Location Decisions of
Foreign Logistics Firms in China:
Does Transport Network Capacity Matter?
Anthony Chin and Hong Junjie
2005/08 SINGAPORE'S BEVERIDGE CURVE: A Comparative Study of the  Unemployment and Vacancy Relationship for Selected East Asian Countries Edward Teo, Shandre M. Thangavelu, Elizabeth Quah
2005/07 A Dynamic Shift-Share Analysis of the Electronics Export Market 1988-2001: Can the NIEs Compete with China? Peter Wilson, Ting Su Chern, Tu Su Ping and Edward Robinson
2005/06 Don’t Frighten the Horses – the Political Economy of Singapore’s Foreign Exchange Rate Regime since 1981 Peter Wilson and Gavin Peebles
2005/05 Bilateral “WTO-Plus” Free Trade Agreements: The WTO Trade Policy Review of Singapore 2004 S.M. Thangavelu and Toh Mun Heng

Pursuing Green Growth: Some Conflicts and Necessary Conditions for a Pragmatic Environmental Policy

Euston Quah


Reverse Mortgages as Retirement Financing Instrument: An Option for “Asset-rich and Cash-poor” Singaporeans

Ngee-Choon Chia and Albert K C Tsui


Medical Savings Accounts in Singapore: How much is adequate?

Ngee-Choon Chia and Albert K C Tsui


Modelling Small Economy Exports:
The Case Of Singapore

Tilak Abeysinghe and Keen Meng Choy