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Honours Thesis (EC4401) / Independent Study (EC4660)
Prerequisites and Preclusions
Bullet Double Degree Programme in Economics and Law
Bullet Double Degree Programme in Engineering and Economics
Bullet Double Degree Programme in Economics and Business
Bullet ANU/NUS Joint Hons Degree
Bullet Second Major in Economics
Double Major in Economics and Mathematics
Double Major in Economics and Statistics
Bullet Specialisations in B.Soc.Sci. (Hons)
Bullet Minor in Economics
Bullet Student Exchange
Bullet Non-Graduating Students

Exchange and Non-exchange Students


You are strongly advised to check the lecture, tutorial and examination schedules for all the modules you are reading.  This is to ensure that there are no clashes in your schedules.

You will be notified via your NUS email account on the outcome of allocation of the tutorial group before 20 January 2017. Please check your NUS email account regularly.

You may wish to visit the class timetable for level 1000-3000 modules that have tutorial groups at


Tutorial Group (s)

Please click here for your tutorial(s) allocation.


Important Dates

Adding modules period


09-Jan-2017 to 10-Jan-2017 (9am to 6pm)

Dropping modules without penalty starts at


09-Jan-2017 to 22-Jan-2017

Dropping modules with a W grade starts at


23-Jan-2017 to 26-Feb-2017

Dropping modules with an F grade starts at


27-Feb-2017 onwards

Set Modules to Audit : 09-Jan-2016 to 26-Feb-2017

Module verification period


1-Mar-2017 to 3-Mar-2017 (tentative)


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Non-Graduating students Guide, January 2017

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