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A Double Major is a single degree programme in which a student satisfies the requirements of two majors, a primary major and a second major. Double Majors are conceived as an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and capacities with a significant degree of depth by pursuing a second major alongside their primary major. By acquiring an additional set of skills, students are well-placed for multiple career options. A second major will consist of at least 48 MCs of modules of which:

  • - up to 8 MCs can be double counted
  • - at least 16 MCs must be at level 3 or above

Students who complete a Double Major successfully will receive one degree scroll, for the primary major only. The second major will be recorded in the transcript.

The disciplines of Statistics and Economics are closely related. On one hand, statistical procedures play a key role in describing and forecasting economic behaviour and testing economic theories of that behaviour. On the other hand, economics provides a variety of problems and cases to help in the understanding of statistics.

The Department of Economics at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) and the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability at the Faculty of Science (FoS) have thus come together to jointly promote the Double Major in Economics and Statistics, within the Double Major Programme framework of NUS.

Students may be admitted to read the Double Major in Economics and Mathematics based on:

  • (1) direct application after being offered a place in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences or the Faculty of Science (direct admission)
  • (2) application no later than the 5th semester of study (mid-stream application)


Application Procedure

(1) Direct Admission

Applicants may select the Double Major in Economics and Statistics course option when completing the application form for admissions for undergraduate courses to the National University of Singapore.

Admission is based on academic merit as well as open competition among all eligible applicants. Please visit the Office of Admissions’ website at to check the admission requirements for this double major programme.

As this is a structured double major programme, modules have been identified to allow for double- counting between the two majors. The modules are:
Any two modules (or up to 8MCs) from MA1101R, MA1102R, ST1131, or ST2131/MA2216

Students would be able to plan their modules to complete their Honours degree and the second major requirements, within four years, without having to extend their candidature. 

(2) Mid-Stream Application

Each department will call for applications in June every year, which will open to its own students beginning their second year in August of the same year. Students should apply for the double major programme through their home department.

To apply for this double major, applicants must satisfy the following conditions:

1. Year 1 students reading first major in Economics or Statistics
2. Obtained a CAP of at least 3.50 at the end of the first year of study in NUS; and
3. Passed four qualifying modules in the first year;

Qualifying Modules

For FoS students who are reading primary major in Statistics and applying to read second major in Economics:
• MA1101R Linear Algebra I
• ST1131 Introduction to Statistics
• ST2131/MA2216 Probability
• EC1301 Principles of Economics

For FASS students who are reading primary major in Economics and applying to read second major in Statistics:
• MA1101R Linear Algebra I
• MA1102R Calculus
• EC2101 Microeconomics I
• EC2102 Macroeconomics I

Students admitted to read this double major will proceed to fulfill the respective second major requirements from semester 1 of their second year. Economics major students should refer to the Department of Statistics webpage for the requirements for second major in ST while FoS students can refer to the requirement for second major in EC.

Schedule for 2017/2018 admission exercise for Economics major students:

Application deadline: 09 June 2017, 5pm
Result of application: End of June 2017


FASS Economics major students matriculated in AY2016/2017 should apply for second major in Statistics by completing this application form
and submit to the Department of Economics by email ( Please note  that in some cases, an interview may be part of this admission exercise. Only selected students will be notified by the Statistics department if they need to attend an interview.

FoS students matriculated in AY2016/2017 should apply for second major in Economics under this admission exercise through their home department.

The coordinator at the Department of Economics for DMP is A/P Albert Tsui.