Christian Albert Go Go wins Exemplary Student Presentation at ESEA 2019

In December 2019, the 20th English in Southeast Asia Conference took place in Singapore, with the theme “Re-thinking Paradigms and Approaches to Researching, Teaching and Learning English”.

Our graduate student, Christian Albert Go Go was awarded Exemplary Student Presentation at the English in Southeast Asia (ESEA) Conference.

The following is an abstract of the award-winning paper, titled "Wrong spelling...No understand": Unequal Englishes and grassroots prescriptivism of nonstandard Philippine English in online spaces”.

Although it is undeniable that the spread of English has allowed local adaptations of the language within non-native English-speaking counties, it has likewise contributed to sociolinguistic inequalities in such settings. Drawing on the concept of stance (Du Bois 2007), the present study examines language policing within Philippine online spaces. In particular, the study looks at metalinguistic commentary among Filipino netizens concerning viral images of basilectal Philippine English, which I refer to as ‘Philippine Engrish,’ circulated on various online platforms. While most images posted are typically shown to be banal examples of non-standard English found in local areas in the country, those who post and/or comment on instances of Philippine Engrish reinforce prescriptivist notions using contemptuous humour. As a result, the circulation of these images and corresponding online practices opens the space for collective value judgments that delegitimize not just Philippine Engrish but also its users. Overall the study demonstrates that the status of Philippine English as the standard variety is an elitist endeavor from a perspective of Unequal Englishes (Tupas & Salonga 2016) and is reinforced through seemingly trivial online practices.

At the department, we are extremely proud of Christian’s achievements. Congratulations, Christian!