Minor in English Literature (Cohort 2012 onwards)

Programme Requirements

Pass at least 24 MCs of EN modules which include:

  1. EN1101E An Introduction to Literary Studies
  2. A minimum of 4 MCs from the following:
    EN2201 Backgrounds to Western Literature and Culture
    EN2202 Critical Reading
    EN2203 Introduction to Film Studies
    EN2204 Reading the Horror Film
    EN2205 Late Medieval Literature and Culture
    EN2207 Gender and Sexuality in Literature
  3. A minimum of ONE British Literature module.
  4. A minimum of 8 MCs of EN modules at level 3000.


  1. Only EN-coded modules can be used to fulfill the EN Minor requirements.
  2. EN2201, EN2202, EN2203, EN2204, EN2205 and EN2207 are pre-requisite or co-requisite for level 3000 EN modules.
  3. A maximum of 8 MCs from the minor can be used to satisfy the requirements of a major or another minor.
  4. Please refer to the guidelines/requirements pertaining to the Minor programmes at the FASS Student Portal and the Registrar's Office (Minor programmes) website.
  5. List of British Literature modules:
    EN2205 Late Medieval Literature and Culture (before 1800) (formerly EN3225)
    EN3221 The English Renaissance (before 1800)
    EN3222 The Eighteenth Century (before 1800)
    EN3223 Nineteenth Century Literature and Culture
    EN3224 The Twentieth Century
    EN3225 Late Medieval Literature and Culture (before 1800)
    EN3226 Shakespeare (before 1800)
    EN3227 Romanticism
    EN3228 Women Novelists: 1750 - 1800 (before 1800)
    EN3229 Shakespeare in His Time and Ours (before 1800)
    EN4221 Topics in the Seventeenth Century (before 1800)
    EN4222 Topics in the Eighteenth Century (before 1800)
    EN4223 Topics in the Nineteenth Century
    EN4224 Topics in the Twentieth Century
    EN4225 Asia and the Victorians
    EN4226 English Women Novelists 1800 - 1900
    EN4227 Five Years in the Eighteenth Century (before 1800)
    EN4251 Jonathan Swift (before 1800)
    EN4880A Usurpation and Authority, 1558-1674 (before 1800)
    EN4880B Modernism and Empire