Study Abroad

Student Exchange Programme

The Student Exchange Programme (SEP) offers students the opportunity to study for one or two semesters in a foreign university and to gain the multiple benefits of such an extended period abroad. Time in another country broadens horizons, enhances academic learning, opens up a different culture and introduces new experiences and people. Students can apply for SEP after they have completed one semester at NUS, and embark on it after completing two. In the past, ELL students have studied at, among others, the Australian National University, University of California, University College Dublin, King’s College London, the Paris-Sorbonne University, Stockholm University and Waseda University.

For application information and a list of partner universities, please see the Faculty’s SEP website.

If you are in the process of preparing your SEP application, please see the department guidelines on transferring credit from study abroad found in “Documents and Forms.”

Summer Programmes

Students can also participate in Summer Programmes organized by partner universities. These are shorter-term academic immersion programmes, held in the long vacation, which allow students to experience independent life in a foreign country for a few weeks. ELL students have attended Summer Programmes in places like the American University of Rome, University of Cambridge, Charles University (Prague), Peking University and Waseda University.

For a list of summer programmes, see IRO’s International Summer Programmes website. Please also see the Faculty’s Summer Programme webpage.

Overseas Field Trips

Field trips to the region are being introduced into selected modules. Please check updated module descriptions.

Student Societies and Journals

The NUS Literary Society

The NUS Literary Society exists to share and promote the experience of literary culture among undergraduates on campus. You do not have to be an English Literature major to join the society. As long as you have an interest in literature or literary matters and wish to nurture that interest among peers, you are most welcome to join the society! Every year, the society organizes the Creative Writing Competition, the Evening of Poetry and Music as well as frequent sharing sessions and enjoyable bonding activities.

Margins: The NUS Undergraduate Journal of English Literature

Margins is an online undergraduate journal that publishes essays related to English Literature. Ordinarily, each issue is devoted to a previously announced topic. Submissions are welcome!

Mentorship Programmes, Internships, Jobs and Careers

The Faculty website also contains a wealth of information pertaining to mentorship programmes, internships, jobs and careers. Check it out!