Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1. What is the difference between Economics in FASS and Business Administration

    "Economics modules" are offered only as electives as part of a general BBA programme, i.e. students do not major in economics.

    The modules offered by the School of Business contain little economics-related concepts. With the exception of BSP2001 (Macro and International Economics), the other modules offered focus on the process of decision-making within a business organisation, for example managerial economics and corporate finance. This coverage forms only a minor part of the study of economics.

  • 2.What are the advantages of taking Economics at NUS?

    The NUS Economics programme is extremely flexible:

    • Students in FASS are given one year to decide whether economics is the subject they want to major in.
    • They can choose to do a BA degree or attempt the BSocSci Honors programme.
    • They can choose if they want to write the Honours Thesis.

     NUS has a mixture of depth and breadth.

    NUS offers a great range of electives and many modules at a more advanced level, for example Financial Economics II and Labor Economics II. We also offer modules in recently developed fields such as Behavioral Economics and Law and Economics.

  • 3. What is the difference between Applied Economics and Economics

    Applied Economics

    • Focuses on how ideas in economics are applied.
    • Designed specifically to train students who plan to hold jobs which require the use of economic principles.
    • Theoretical foundation is of secondary importance.
    • Has less core theoretical modules, and more applied modules.


    • Places an equal emphasis on both economic theory as well as its applications.
    • Provides a more complete understanding of the subject.
  • 4. Can I major in Mathematics and Economics?

    Yes, the Double Major in Economics and Mathematics/Applied Mathematics programme, provides an additional and more streamlined avenue for students of one department to do a second major in the other department.

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