FASStrack Asia: The Summer School 2020 (22 JUNE TO 24 JULY 2020)


Welcome From The Vice Dean

The National University of Singapore with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) is delighted to offer FASStrack Asia: The Summer School in June 2020, which will take place in Singapore, one of the most modern and dynamic cities in the world.

As a leading university centred in Asia, NUS has ranked consistently as one of the top universities in the world that places a strong emphasis on a high quality, globally-oriented educational experience. As a Faculty, FASS is among the largest faculties at NUS with a rich history spanning over 85 years. We offer the most comprehensive education in the humanities, social sciences and Asian studies in this part of the world. Our strong international reputation for education and research excellence is a result of close to 500 highly respected professors and lecturers who are dedicated and passionate about their research and teaching. And they bring all their knowledge and expertise to bear in the courses to be taught at FASStrack Asia.

With Asia in the world’s spotlight as it undergoes rapid growth, the summer programme will tap into our research strengths in the region and offer students an enriching knowledge and understanding of various Asian-related topics and issues. Taught over a 5-week summer period, students will attend classes, participate in active discussions and learn from academic experts specializing in their area of study. In 2020, FASStrack Asia will also continue to offer courses and field trips that will complement each another for a more holistic summer experience.

Besides NUS students, FASStrack Asia also welcomes university students from Singapore and all over the world to join us for the summer so as to enhance the cultural exchanges and diversity of the programme.

We look forward to seeing you at FASStrack Asia: The Summer School in June 2020.


A/Prof Chen Yi-Chun

International Relations & Special Duties Division, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences






  • Study at NUS, a world-class university in Singapore – a cosmopolitan hub of Asia
  • Many courses with a 5-9 day field trip to a country in Asia
  • Local Singapore field trips
  • Experiential learning out-side classroom
  • Language studies for in-depth field trip immersion
  • UTown on-campus residential college experience
  • Study & live with NUS and international students from overseas partner universities
  • Social Events – Welcome session, heritage tours, food trails, fireside chats & farewell dinner
  • Housing subsidy available to NUS students (T&C apply)


Programme Overview

FASStrack Asia started in 2013 and was developed with the rigorous academic standards which NUS is known for. You will be attending classes held in a dynamic and multi-cultural learning environment with NUS and international students from various universities from all over the world.

FASStrack Asia comprises courses from the Faculty’s Asian Studies Division, Humanities Division and the Social Sciences Division. Courses are focused on Asia, and some of these courses will feature a 5-9 days’ field trip to the country of study. Our Centre for Language Studies will also offer relevant Asian language courses that will complement the field trips for a comprehensive learning experience and in-depth cultural immersion.

You can read up to 2 courses, including one that offers an extended overseas field trip. Other courses may also offer local day trips in Singapore or to nearby overseas location over the weekend in order to facilitate experiential learning outside the classroom.

FASStrack Asia will be based at the University Town (UTown for short) at NUS. This recent campus expansion of NUS is a high-tech, modern educational hub that integrates environmental-friendly building features with the learning, social and cultural aspects of the NUS community. Besides classrooms, UTown is also well-equipped with IT and multimedia facilities at the Education Resource Centre, seminar rooms and study clusters, and a world-class research and innovation hub. For recreation, there are also sports and performing arts facilities, as well as a wide array of dining and retail outlets. Students staying on-campus at the residential colleges can live, study and play in NUS as part of an exciting summer programme experience.





Admission & Application

Application Period: 16 April 2020 to 16 May 2020

In view of COVID-19 situation, FASStrack 2020 is cancelled for all international students.

A. NUS / Local Students

Click here to apply online. 

Admission Criteria:

NUS Students

  1. No CAP restriction
  2. You must meet the respective pre-requisite(s) to read certain modules

Local Students

  1. No CAP restriction
  2. You can only read modules without pre-requisite(s)


Application fees is waived for all students for FASStrack 2020.









B. International Students

Click here to apply online.

Admission Criteria:
  1. No pre-requisite required
  2. Full-time enrolled university student
  3. Have completed at least one semester or year of study at your home university
  4. Non-exchange students from non-English medium universities (who are also non-NUS partners) are required to meet English proficiency requirements. For details, please refer to this link from NUS Registrar's Office (Click on 'Eligibility').
  5. Admission is conditional upon the approval of Student Pass by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

Application fees of S$200 is applicable for non-NUS students.

Fee-paying international students who apply by 14 February 2020 will enjoy the early bird application fees of S$100.

Invited fee-waived international exchange students who apply by the application deadline will enjoy the application fee of S$100.




Modules for FASStrack Asia 2020 


  • All FASStrack modules are full E-modules, i.e. no face-to-face contact and 100% e-learning.
  • You can read a maximum of 2 modules. Each module is worth 4MC / 5MC (Level 4000 modules).
  • Most of the modules do not have timetable or E-exam. If there is, please note that you cannot read 2 modules with conflicting timetable / same E-exam time.
  • Though some modules do not have online live teaching, attendance for online tutorials /discussions is expected.
  • Please ensure that you have met the relevant pre-requisite(s) for specific modules before applying.
  • Modules listed are correct at time of update, but may be subjected to changes. Also, there may be further updates to the curriculum of modules listed.
  • IMPT NOTE: Not all modules will be opened, FASS reserves the right to cancel any module if there is insufficient enrollment to start a class.


Click on the respective module title for more details (syllabus, CA components, E-exam and etc.).

Also, please read this FAQ for FASStrack 2020.


S/N Department Module Code Module Title Preclusion Pre-requisite Remarks
1 Economics EC2204 Financial Accounting for Economists Yes Yes   
2 Economics EC3332 Money and Banking I No Yes  
3 Economics EC3343 International Finance I Yes Yes Class Full
4 Economics EC3381 Urban Economics Yes Yes Class Full
5 Economics EC3880F Topics in Economics: Miracle and Crisis in East Asia No No   
6 English Language & Literature EL3216  Language and the Internet No Yes   
7 English Language & Literature EL4251 Social Thought in Language No  Yes   
8 English Language & Literature EN3222  The Eighteenth Century No  Yes   
9 English Language & Literature EN4242  Modern Critical Theory No Yes   
10 Geography GE2101  Methods and Practices in Geography  Yes No  
11 Geography  GE2222  Politics and Space  No  No   
12 Geography GE2228  Weather and Climate  Yes  No   
13 Geography  GE2230  Energy Futures: Environment and Sustainability No  No  Class Full
14 Geography  GE3231  Natural Hazards  No  No  Class Full
15 Geography  GE3236  Transport and Communications  No  No  Class Full
16 Geography  GE3246  Environmental Pollution  No  No   
17 Global Studies GL4882D Global Corporations and Power   No Yes   
18 Global Studies  GL4886A  Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging   No  Yes  Class Full
19 History  HY2250 Introduction to Southeast Asian History  No  No   
20 History  HY3225  Minorities in Southeast Asia   No  No  Class Full
21 Japanese Studies  JS3226  Japan: The Green Nation?  No  No  Class Full
22 Communications and New Media NM3215  Advertising Strategies  Yes No Class Full
23 Communications and New Media  NM3222  Interactive Storytelling  No No Class Full
24 Communications and New Media NM3239Y  Retrieving, Exploring and Analysing Data  Yes No Class Full
25 Psychology  PL3234  Developmental Psychology  No  Yes  Class Full
26 Psychology  PL3235  Social Psychology  No  Yes   
27 Psychology  PL3236  Abnormal Psychology  Yes  Yes   
28 Psychology  PL3257  Introduction to Clinical Psychology  No  Yes  Class Full
29 Political Science  PS3238  International Political Economy No   No   
30 Political Science PS4230  Public Sector Reforms in China  No  Yes   
31 Sociology SC2211 Medical Sociology No No Class Full
32 Sociology SC2212 Sociology of Deviance No No  
33 Sociology SC2215 Sociology of Food No No  
34 Sociology SC2216 Emotions and Social Life No No Class Full
35 Southeast Asian Studies SE2880A Southeast Asia’s Cultural Mosaic No No  
36 South Asian Studies  GES1007  South Asia in Singapore   Yes       No  Class Full



Classes, Credits and Assessments 


Field trip courses will offer 4 weeks of 3-hour classes twice a week. Courses with a field trip component will be travelling within the period of 4 to 12 July 2020, although some trips may be shorter.

Non-field trip courses will offer 4 weeks of 3-hour classes thrice weekly. There are no formal classes during the field trip week but there may be additional assignments, local fieldtrips in Singapore or e-learning options for students.

 (Field-trip component not applicable for 2020)



Courses are graded based on assessments and class participation, and there are no final exams. We expect each course to have a class enrollment of 20 - 50 students; less for fieldtrip modules and more for non-fieldtrip modules.

Each course carries 4 Modular Credits awarded by NUS; which is the equivalent of a 3-credit hour course under the North American credit system or 6 ECTS under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. Formal contact hours per course are a minimum of 36 hours. For courses with field trip, this excludes the contact hours for the field trip component and which can be as much as 5 or 6 hours per day for a 9-day trip. Courses with no field trip component will offer 36 contact hours with additional assignments during field trip week.

*Please contact your home university for credit recognition of NUS courses.






A. NUS Students

Please refer to the following document on Registrar's Office website for Special Term Fees:  http://www.nus.edu.sg/registrar/docs/info/administrative-policies-procedures/ugtuitioncurrent.pdf

Please note that fieldtrip costs will apply if you read courses with an overseas fieldtrip component. The estimated cost of the trip is set out in the summary table below.

While we encourage NUS students to stay on-campus as part of the summer school experience, this is not a compulsory option for you. If you wish to stay, the on-campus accommodation fees listed below will apply. Some housing subsidies are available if you volunteer as students assistants in social activities or buddies to international students during the summer school.

Please also note that these costs will still apply:

  1. Study materials
  2. Additional meals in the country(ies) where the field trip is conducted if you are reading a field trip course
  3. Participation in social events such as the Singapore Heritage tour and visits to attractions in Singapore.
  4. Transport and entrance fees (if any) of any local field trips that lecturers may organise on the weekends for the students.

B. International Students

(i) Exchange (By Invitation Only)

For international students who are nominated by their home university under an exchange arrangement with NUS, the tuition fee of S$2,985 (all other modules) or S$3,820 (SPH2201) per module will be waived. All other costs will still apply.

(ii) Non-Exchange

If you are coming under a non-exchange arrangement, the tuition fees of S$2,985 (all other modules) or S$3,820 (SPH2201) per module will apply, together with all other costs.


For international students, please note that the above costs do not include:

  1. Cost of applying for Singapore student pass fee imposed by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore
  2. Personal expenses such as study materials, meals, entertainment and local travel in Singapore
  3. Additional meals in the country where the fieldtrip is conducted if you are reading a fieldtrip course
  4. Participation in social events such as the Singapore Heritage tour and visits to attractions in Singapore
  5. Transport and entrance fees (if any) of any local fieldtrips that lecturers may organise on the weekends for the students
  6. Return airfare between your originating destination and Singapore


  Summary of Costs (Applicable to NUS & Non-NUS Students)


COSTS (all denoted in Singapore dollars)Remarks
Application Fees (Waived for 2020)

NUS students 

Invited Exchange Students

Non-Exchange (i.e. Fee-Paying) Students

One-time application fee. Fee is payable with the rest of the cost via online payment after students have submitted the FASStrack acceptance forms to us.
Student Pass (N.A. for 2020)

Processing Fee - $30*

Issuance Fee - $60

Multiple Journey Visa - $30**

Applicable to ALL international students.

*Pay upon submission of Student's Pass Online Application & Registration (SOLAR)

**Only applicable to students from visa-required countries.

Tuition (per module)

NUS students - Relevant Special Term Tuition Fees 

Invited Exchange Students - Waived

Non-Exchange (i.e. Fee-Paying) Students - S$2,985 per module

Students can read one or two courses.
Overseas Field Trip (if applicable)

N.A. for 2020

Includes airfare, accommodation throughout field trip, transportation, some meals & admission fees to field sites. Subject to changes. Only applies if the student reads a field trip course.

Mandatory Miscellaneous Fees (Click on 'Fees' and refer to 'Misc. Student Fees')

Student Services Fee

  • For Non-Exchange (i.e. Fee-Paying) Students - S$38.49
  • For Exchange Students - S$31.56

Health Service Fee

  • For both Non-Exchange & Exchange Students - S$34.18
Subject to changes. 




Accommodation (N.A. for 2020)


You will stay on-campus at one of the residential colleges in a single 1-bedroom along corridors with your peers. Each non air-conditioned room comes furnished with furniture and internet access. In addition, each residential college has shared facilities within the building such as kitchenettes and laundry rooms that encourage social, educational and cultural interaction. The residential colleges are accessible to various parts of campus (FASS, UTown, sports and dining amenities and etc.) via internal shuttle buses.

Due to numerous events on-campus in summer 2020, we regret to inform that no air-conditioned room is available for booking.


Students can check in from 2pm on 18 June 2020 and must check out by 12pm on 25 July 2020. There will be a Welcome Lunch and Registration Session on 19 June 2020. Social activities will also be organised during the summer school such as local tours in Singapore on weekends, and a Farewell Dinner on 24 July 2020.


For FASStrack 2020, students will be staying at Ridge View Residential College (RVRC). Click here to find out more. 

COSTS (all denoted in Singapore dollars)Remarks
On-Campus Accommodation*


(includes 7% GST)

> Non air-conditioned room for 37 nights (i.e. 18 Jun 20 - 25 Jul 20) 

> Meals are not included


 *For NUS students who wish to stay on-campus for FASStrack Asia, the same accommodation costs above will apply. However, NUS students who volunteer as student assistants for FASStrack Asia may be entitled to housing subsidy for the summer.







1. How long does it take to process my online application?

You will receive an offer of acceptance email around end-March to mid-April and you are required to reply to confirm your place in the choice of course(s) you have selected.

2. Are there any scholarships or financial assistance for NUS students and international students who are interested in FASStrack?

I’m afraid there are no scholarships or financial assistance for both NUS and international students at the moment. International students may check with their home universities if there are any scholarships or grants to apply to for summer school programmes.

3. I have participated in previous FASStrack programmes. Can I still enroll for the programme?

Yes, as long as you are reading different courses from those you have read previously.

4. I'm an international student. Do I need to apply for student visa or tourist visa on my own?

You are not required to apply for any student or tourist visa on your end. Once you have been accepted into the FASStrack summer school, NUS will apply for student visa on your behalf and will guide you through the entire application procedure via email prior your arrival in Singapore. It is compulsory to have the student visa before you are allowed to embark on the summer school. Please note that you are required to pay the student visa application fee imposed by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).

5. How do I apply for visa for my overseas field trip? (For international students who are taking field trip courses)

International students are highly encouraged to apply for visa in their home countries before arriving in Singapore. The tentative travelling dates for overseas field trips are 4 – 12 July 2020. You are still able to apply for visa through respective country embassies in Singapore. Please note that it is important that you do so as soon as you reach Singapore as most embassies take time to process visa applications.



6. Can I switch courses after application?

Change of course is on a case-to-case basis, subject to availability before FASStrack summer school starts. Please kindly email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

7. Can I transfer credits to my home university?

For NUS students, modular credits and grades for the courses read during FASStrack Summer School will be counted towards your graduation requirements and Cumulative Average Point (CAP).

For international students, please kindly check the credit transfer process with your home universities. An official transcript will be mailed to either your home university or home address sometime in October 2020.



8. Is the on-campus accommodation compulsory?

No, the on-campus accommodation is optional for NUS and international students. For international students, it is optional if you are able to find your own accommodation in Singapore for the entire 5-week programme.

9. Does the accommodation cost include meal plan?

No, meal plan is not available during school vacation and summer school programmes. There are several dining options in UTown for students to choose from.

10. My family and friends are visiting me in Singapore. Can they stay in my room at UTown?

Due to space constraint and security reasons, no sharing of rooms are allowed.




For Enquiries:

Ms Jane Toh / Ms Letitia Thng

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

National University of Singapore

The Shaw Foundation Building

Dean’s Office

Block AS7, Level 6,

5 Arts Link

Singapore 117570


Tel: +65 6601 5830/ +65 6601 2748

Fax: +65 6777 0751

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.fas.nus.edu.sg/fasstrack

facebook facebook.com/nusfasstrackasia

twitter twitter.com/StudyAbroadFASS

blog blog.nus.edu.sg/fassinternational



Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dean's Office, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences National University of Singapore

  • Add: The Shaw Foundation Building, Block AS7, Level 5
  • 5 Arts Link, Singapore 117570
  • Level 5 (Undergraduate) & Level 6 (Graduate)
  • Fax: +65 6777 0751
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