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  • I am in my second year of PhD studies with the Department of Geography. I have found the first three semesters very fruitful and believe the modules I have studied have positioned me well for the next step in my studies - QE, field work and understanding and writing about the relevant literature. I have been most impressed with the teaching and feel well supported by the academic staff with regard to my studies. read more

    β€” Kate Simone Hurst,
    Ph.D. student

  • After completing my Masters in the Geography department, I searched for doctoral programmes, only to discover that very few programmes in the world have a faculty that is renowned for their work on migration, specializes in ageing, offers generous scholarships and provides funding for field work and conference travel. The NUS Geography PhD experience is not simply about doing research and coursework successfully...read more

    β€” Menusha De Silva,
    Ph.D. student