Geography Vacation Internships
(May – July/August 2015)

The Department of Geography brings you five organisations that are looking for Geography student interns during the vacation period (from 11 May till end July 2015). Do note that 2 organisations are willing to pay the interns a remuneration of $800 per month (NParks and Sentosa) while 4 non-profit organisations are offering unpaid internships (ACRES, Halogen, Jane Goodall Institute and BirdLife International).

Internships at NParks and Sentosa (paid internships):

Please download and submit the Geography Internship Application Form to the main office by 1 April 2015 (please ask an academic referee to submit a very simple Referee Report also by the same date; the Referee Report may be found within the Application Form). The Department will shortlist qualified applicants and an interview date with NParks/Sentosa will be arranged (you will be informed of the date).

NParks Sentosa

Internships at WWF Malaysia:

Please click on the links below for more details on this internship.


Internships at ACRES, Halogen, Jane Goodall Institute, BirdLife International:

Please apply to the non-profit organisations directly as soon as possible (if you wish to start internship on 11 May 2015, it is suggested that you apply by early April). The organisations will contact you if you are selected. Although unpaid, these internships bring many benefits: excellent experience in niche areas (youth and animal/environmental matters); a credible boost to your resume; and a possible ‘entry’ into a career in allied areas.

ACRES  Halogen Foundation  JaneGoodallInstitute

Note: starting from November 2014, all NUS internships count for 2MCs (to be counted as unrestricted electives). To quality for 2MCs, please submit a Registration Form to the FASS Dean’s Office (anytime) along with a 1,000 word internship report (after the internship is completed). The Registration Form and other information is available here



Geography Internships: 2014 Experiences

Each year during the long vacation from May till August, our Geography undergraduates enjoy internship opportunities. These internship positions are either sourced directly by the Department or through the Faculty’s FASS Internship Programme or the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG). Here are four Geography students who enjoyed their internships sourced by the Department of Geography in May-August 2014.

For more information on FASS internship:;
NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates internship:


Jocelyn Ng (Intern, Social Innovation Park)

My internship experience at SIP was both enriching and fulfilling. The corporate events and partnership meetings* that I attended were great exposure opportunities that allowed me to meet and interact with people of all walks of life. Through this internship, I have gained a deeper insight into the struggles of the disadvantaged** as well as the motivation to enable and empower them. 
Corporate events I attended include the: ‘Singapore Gift Show 2014’ held at Suntec City and ‘ITE Global Education Day 2014’ held in conjunction with the signing of the ITE-SIP MOU; I also attended partnership meetings with ITE, LASALLE, Distinct Creative Arts, Socio Vitae and various individuals.

The “disadvantaged” here refers to persons with disabilities (PWDs), single parents and low-income individuals or families.  These are the people that SIP's initiatives benefit.


Liew Jian An (Sentosa)

I thoroughly enjoyed my summer internship with the Corporate Planning Division (CPD) of Sentosa Development Corporation because it was a refreshing job portfolio (Sustainability) that is radically different from the usual numbers-crunching or administrative desk jobs. And I guess the greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that what I do ultimately has positive impacts on the society and environment.

Jian An with his SDC colleagues, on-site at Sentosa; he is in the middle wearing blue


Joel Koh (Jurong International)

My time at Jurong International was fulfilling and challenging, which allowed me to gain greater insight into the world of Master Planning. I was given many opportunities to learn and acquire skills such as producing reports, conducting preliminary research and even preparing presentations to foreign delegates. The mentors were passionate, and ensured that the internship was a learning and fruitful experience for me.

Apart from Joel, three other Geography majors interned at Jurong International undertaking different responsibilities.


Navin Wadhwani (Civil Service College)

I spent the second half of 2014 summer break in the Institute of Governance and Policy (IGP), a training institute within Civil Service College. I was attached to the team working on public governance, putting together research as part of a larger project. For me, the internship was Public Administration 101. I learnt about the policy-making process, met people working in other public agencies and got to ask my supervisors a whole bunch of questions about the civil service. I liked the working environment which I would characterise as a cross between a think-tank and professional development agency. Everyone had a small pile of books at their table and they were either busy drawing up papers and reports or delivering courses to public service officers.



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