Geography Vacation Internships 2017

The Department of Geography brings you internship opportunities in more than seven organisations during the vacation period (from the end of the exam period in May till before the start of semester in August 2017). The full list of internship organisations is listed here.

Please download and submit the Geography Internship Application Form to the main office by 1 March 2017 (ask an academic referee to submit a very simple Referee Report also by the same date; the Referee Report may be found within the Application Form). The Department will shortlist applicants for organisations, which will contact you directly (some organisations will call for interviews).

Kindly note that some organisations have specified earlier application deadlines and their own application procedure.

Please remember to inform the Department if you are selected for an internship.




Geography Internships: 2015 Experiences

Each year during the long vacation from May till August, our Geography undergraduates enjoy internship opportunities. These internship positions are either sourced directly by the Department or through the Faculty’s FASS Internship Programme or the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG). Here are four Geography students who enjoyed their internships sourced by the Department of Geography in May-August 2015.

For more information on FASS internship:;
NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates internship:


Lai Chong Chao (Singapore Land Authority)

I spent my 2015 summer break at the SLA’s Geospatial Division where I conducted data processing and analysis on the library usage in Singapore using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). I got an opportunity to attend a meeting with the staffs from the National Library Board to present my findings while also to provide assistance on the use of GIS. This internship has given me the opportunity to apply GIS in the real world context and realise its potential in generating useful (spatial) information which can be utilised for planning purposes for the benefit of the relevant authorities.


Pang Yuhui Pearlyn (NParks)

The 12 weeks spent at National Parks Board (NParks) National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) was truly an invaluable learning experience. Being attached to the Coastal and Marine Branch, I had the chance to experience a GIS-related job scope that included data management and analysis of coastal and marine biodiversity. I was exposed to local, regional and inter-governmental decision-making and efforts regarding conservation and development at Singapore's coasts. My supervisor and colleagues in NBC also generously presented a myriad of learning opportunities through site visits, biodiversity surveys and events beyond the coastal and marine environments. I enjoyed the dynamic working environment that allowed me to learn out in the field and back in office, and have seen the real-life significance of our geographical knowledge. 


Diane Teo (NParks)

My internship at the Park Planning Branch in NParks was enriching, meaningful and enjoyable! Geography came alive to me where I had to apply academic knowledge to solve real world problems, under the guidance of my passionate colleagues. I have gained exposure through the many opportunities to interact with professionals from other agencies and private companies through workshops, conferences and the Urban Sustainability R&D Congress 2015. Through this internship, I have gained much insight on the thought behind planning the parks and greenery in Singapore, which sparked a deeper appreciation of Singapore as a City In A Garden.      


Germaine Lin Ziyi (Jane Goodall Institute Singapore)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience with the Jane Goodall Institute Singapore. The warm and friendly working environment was certainly the main reason for that. Moreover, I have gained valuable insights into the back-end operations behind JGIS's events and operations. These experiences have equipped me with important planning, organisational and research skills that will certainly help in future jobs.


Kelly Lim (Sentosa Development Corporation)

During my 13 weeks internship stint at Sentosa Development Corporation, I gained many rewarding experiences and great learning opportunities. I was in the Corporate Planning Division, and dealt with a range of projects related to social and environmental sustainability. In tandem, I was involved in various meetings with external organisations which gave me the chance to listen to individuals from diverse backgrounds. My mentors were very nurturing, and ensured the most conducive and inclusive environment for my learning. 


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