GL Talk for New or Potential Global Studies Majors

Students keen on majoring in or who would like to find out more about the major are invited to attend the Talk on 17 Nov 2014 at 4 pm in Seminar Room B (AS7, #01-17). Email your attendance confirmation to .

[Notice Posted 11 Nov 14]

Module Code Change

The Department of Political Science has recoded the module PS2242 to PS3271 Public Policy-Making. Students are to kindly take note of this change.

[Notice Posted 8 July 14]

GL3101 Inquiry & Method

GL3101 the capstone module for GL Majors will be offered in Semester 2, AY2014/15 only. To be eligible to read this module: A student must be a GL Major in ARS3 and must have read GL1101E and one of the following core modules: GL2101, GL2102, GL2103.

[Notice Posted 28 Nov 13]

Study Plan for Approval

Students who intend to major in Global Studies (Applicable to Cohort 2012 and onwards), are required to submit their study plan via email to . The study plan should include a clear explanation of the choice of Theme, Region and Language components. 

[Notice Posted 8 Oct 13. Revised 18 July 2014]