Exchange Matters


Global Studies majors are encouraged to participate in exchange. The mapping procedure for GL majors differs slightly from other majors, due to the multidisciplinary nature of the programme. Please view the instructions in the slides: Module Mapping Procedure. If you have further concerns, please write to


  1. Students can read the following CORE modules during exchange: GL2101, GL2102 and GL2103. Mapping for these modules will be done directly with the GL programme.
  2. When students return from exchange, they will have to complete the Transfer of Credits Form and submit the exchange transcript and approved module mapping forms to the Dean's Office.
  3. To map language modules, please approach the Centre for Language Studies.
  4. Students are allowed to read up to 10MCs of Level 4000 modules during exchange.

The GL Office only processes direct mapping requests for GL Coded Modules. Please submit your requests to