Global Studies

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The Global Studies (GL) Programme is a multi-disciplinary programme. Apart from GL coded modules, we draw modules from the Departments in the Arts and other Faculties.

Global Studies' Majors who are mapping their Partner University modules are advised to:

Step 1: Approach the corresponding Department in the Arts/Other Faculty which is likely to offer the PU's module to map the module. For example: For the module "An Introduction to Global Environmental Politics and Governance" students can seek the mapping from the Department of Political Science.

Step 2: When mapping is approved by the Host Department, student should then approach the Global Studies Programme with the relevant supporting documents (approved mapping form and module syallbus) to request for the module to be used towards their major requirement if (a) the mapped NUS module code is not part of the GL recognised list of modules and (b) the mapped code is an exchange code. Student should indicate if the module is to fulfill their Theme or Region Component.

Step 3. The Global Studies Convenor would then make the assessment and the Programme will keep the student informed of the outcome.

Note: Non-GL students are requested to send all mapping requests to .