Welcome to the Honours Year. We hope that you will have a fruitful year exploring deeper into the various Themes. The prospectus below is prepared to give you the necessary infrastructure to maneuver through this challenging year.

All Global Studies Majors would have to complete a total of 40MCs (not including language modules) at level 4000 to fulfill the Global Studies Honours requirements; including the Core Modules for Honours: GL4101 Readings in Global Issues and GL4102 Task Force. These modules are offered consecutively each academic year. To graduate with B.A. (Honours) in Global Studies, students must complete a total of 100MCs (Cohorts 2012-2015) and 92 MCs (Cohort 2016 onwards) of major requirement (non-language modules) and 16MCs in a single language using the credits from the Unrestricted Electives.

We will offer GL coded level 4000 electives for our majors to read. These modules will add depth to the various themes of the major. The offering of these modules are subject to the research interests of the Faculty Members. Students can choose to read level 4000 modules from other Departments recognised under their theme if they wish to do so.

The prospectus outlines procedures for applying and writing an Honours Thesis (15MCs) or a shorter project through the Independent Study Module (5MCs). We would like to emphasize that students should pay careful attention to the instructions and keep to the deadlines listed to avoid being imposed with any penalties.

Outstanding Honours students stand to win one of the following cash prizes

  • (a) Best Global Studies Honours Student, and
  • (b) Best Honours Thesis or Task Force Contributor.

And with that note we wish you all the best.

Global Studies Team

Download Global Studies Programme - Honours Prospectus