Minor Requirements

Global Studies Minor Graduation Requirements

Pass at least 24 MCs of non-language GL or GL-recognised modules, which includes the following


GL1101E Global Issues
GL2101 Origins of the Modern World
GL2102 Global Political Economy
GL2103 Global Governance

(ii) THEME (8 MCs) * refer to Note 1

Business and Transnational Cultures
Colonialism and Post-Colonialism
Global Economics and Development
Global Health and Environment
International Communications
Policy Making
Population and Migration
Religion and Ethnicity
Technology and Globalisation
War and Security


  1. As GL modules are grouped by substantive themes, students are strongly urged to select their elective modules from within the same theme. A thematic focus concretises the global perspective acquired through the core modules and provides an opportunity for students to bring their learning to bear in a particular issue area that interests them and/or relates specifically to their major course of study. It also provides the opportunity for students to encounter the particular ethical, practical, and policy issues that arise in a particular thematic domain.
  2. Maximum of 8 MCs may be read at level 1000
  3. Minimum of 4 MC must be read at level 3000 or higher (*students may read level 4000 or higher modules subject to department’s approval)
  4. GL major students are not permitted to read the GL minor.
  5. As with the GL major, it would not be required for students minoring in GL to read the Core modules before pursuing the Theme modules. Knowledge that students gain through Theme learning can enrich and concretise learning in the Core. Students can also bring knowledge gained in Core modules to bear retrospectively on Theme-based knowledge they have previously acquired.
  6. Pre-requisites to the recognised modules for Global Studies may not be part of curriculum. Students would have to check and read the pre-requisites in advance to access the GL recognised modules.
  7. Modules available to GL Minors may change as themes are revised to reflect developments in the GL Major.