Research Programmes

Candidature & Administrative Matters

Concurrent Enrolment in Another Course

Unless granted approval by the University, no student may concurrently be a candidate for more than one degree or register as a candidate of NUS and of another university or institute.

Research students who wish to enrol concurrently in another institute/research degree have to seek approval in writing from the University through the supervisor(s), the Head of Department/Programme and the Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies). Please note that for such requests to be considered, students must have at least submitted their thesis [approved by the supervisor(s)] for examination.

A research student who wishes to combine a research degree and a coursework graduate degree within NUS should seek approval from the relevant Faculty(s). Such students should file for graduation from the coursework degree first as he/she can then seek exemption for up to 50% of the coursework component of the research programme subsequently. If the student were to file for graduation from the research degree first, he/she cannot use any of the modules for the coursework degree.