Research Programmes


Candidature & Administrative Matters

Research Progress Reports (Renewal of Candidature)

You are required to submit a bi-annual research progress report via NUS Integrated Student Information System (Self Service > Research Progress > My Progress Report).  You need to provide a summary of the work you did in the previous semester and what you will be doing in the current semester.

The Research Progress Report submission periods are September (for assessment of research progress in Semester 2 of the previous Academic Year) and in February (for assessment of research progress in Semester 1 of the current Academic Year).

You will be notified via email of the submission period. Upon receiving the email, you should complete the submission online promptly to allow sufficient time for your supervisor(s), Head of Department/Programme and Faculty to complete their assessments and recommendations for continuation of candidature.  For scholars, your scholarship renewal will be tied in with the semestral progress report.  Please note that your scholarship will be suspended if you do not complete the research progress report by the deadline.

Students who are in their first term (semester) of study are not required to submit the Research Progress Report.


Upgrading of Candidature from Masters to PhD

If you are currently on the Masters research programme and would like to work for a PhD degree, you can apply to upgrade to the PhD programme after you have satisfied the PhD QE requirements. Upon completion of the PhD programme, you will be awarded a PhD degree but not the Masters degree. Masters students who wish to upgrade their candidature to PhD should first seek the advice of their supervisor(s) and/or Graduate Coordinator.

If you are required to take the graduate English modules at intermediate level during your Masters candidature, you must achieve an advanced level in the module after upgrading successfully, with the exception of students from the Department of Chinese Studies who are required to achieve an intermediate level of proficiency. You are required to obtain satisfactory grades (at least grade C) in the graduate English modules.

Please note that if you are a research scholar and your application to upgrade to the PhD candidature is successful, the normal end-date for your scholarship is four years from the time that you were admitted as a Masters student. It is advisable that you apply for upgrading to PhD as early as possible, if you are interested in pursuing a PhD degree.


Extension of Candidature

Should you require an extension of your maximum period of candidature, please submit your completed form to the Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies) through your supervisor(s) and the Head of Department/Programme. Consideration for extension of candidature is based on the justification for the extension and also on your performance and progress made.

Please note that application for extension of candidature should be made at least three months before the expiry of your existing maximum candidature. Your candidature would be considered lapsed once the maximum candidature period of the degree is reached. Applications received after the candidature has lapsed would only be considered if there are compelling reasons. If the application is approved, an administrative fee of S$250 is payable to re-instate the candidature.

Applications for extensions submitted one year after the candidature has lapsed will not be considered.