Research Programmes

Candidature & Administrative Matters

Withdrawal from Programme

Graduate research students who wish to withdraw from their course should submit the Withdrawal from the University (Graduate Research Students) form with their student card through their supervisor(s) and Head of Department, to the Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies).   A letter confirming the withdrawal from the University will be sent to the student within three weeks after the receipt of the letter by the University. 

Please note that students who leave the University after the 2nd Instructional Week of a semester are liable to pay fees for the whole semester.  Please refer to this website for information on the fees payable upon withdrawal of candidature.

Students who subsequently decide to be re-instated to the same programme of study may appeal to their faculty/school for consideration. If approved, an administrative fee of S$250 is payable for the reinstatement of candidature. No re-instatement of candidature will be considered after 12 months from the date of withdrawal. These students would have to re-apply for admission and be subjected to the prevailing tuition fee rate and policy. For those on MOE-subsidised programmes and are successful in gaining re-instatement/re-admission, they will be subjected to prevailing full tuition fee after taking into consideration the balance number of eligible semesters for MOE subsidy.

Students holding a Student’s Pass must surrender it to ICA. Any spouse social visit pass sponsored by the University will also be cancelled.  The student’s access to the University’s resources and facilities shall cease immediately after the withdrawal has taken effect.


Termination of Candidature

The candidature of a student can be terminated when:

  • performance in coursework and/or research is unsatisfactory; or
  • a disciplinary case is brought before the Board of Discipline.

When any of the above occurs, the student will be notified officially in writing.

The student card has to be returned to his/her Department or Programme Office. For international students, the student pass and spouse social visit pass sponsored by the University (if any) will be cancelled.

Students whose candidature are terminated from the University after Instructional Week 2 of the semester will be liable to pay fees for the entire semester. Please refer to this website for  information on the fees payable upon termination of candidature.